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Types of Colored Mascara Shades

Mamta Mule
Wear colored mascara and don a trendy look. No matter what type of eye makeup you are planning, colored mascaras can always spice up your looks. Here's more about them...
Mascara plays an important role in making the eyes prominent and beautiful. No matter what effect you want the makeup to add up to your face, the use of this cosmetic needs no mention. Be it a nude look or a smokey effect, the right mascara definitely spices up eye makeup.
Moreover, it is something that is not only restricted to special occasions, but used daily. Did you ever think of adding a colored mascara to your cosmetic kit? Did you ever think of shopping something apart from the black or brown mascara shades? These mascaras, which were known to be restricted to runway models, have now become a hot fashion trend.
Yes, the moment you read 'colored mascara', you might have started wondering about the various colors available. So, before you switch to another page to know about it, here are the details of the popular shades available.

Cool Blues

The most popular shade available, apart from shades of brown, is navy blue. So, if you were searching for a mascara for blue eyes, get ready to jazz up your looks with an electric blue mascara.
You can go in for a turquoise shade or a sky teal that looks cool. You can also use this shade for hazel or black eyes, but avoid using it for brown eyes.

Golden Glow

If you are searching for a mascara for brown eyes, then the best alternative remains black. Well, you would like to color them up too, so then try out the glittery black, darkest gray, and the most fashionable golden.
Yes, that glittery golden shade looks most appealing on brown eyes. This also makes the best mascara for redheads. And those with brown eyes shouldn't forget to check out the bronze shade that looks extremely amazing.

Purple Magic

If you want to don a dramatic look, then purple mascara is the right answer. Have beautiful green or hazel eyes? Then you must try out the purple mascara. It will make your eyes pop out, and give you a uniquely stylish appearance.
You can match it with your purple eyeliner, or add a dash of gray color to enhance the effect. Lavender mascara is also a good pick for black- or light-colored eyes.

Soft Shimmers

Apart from these, you can get the versatile silver or gray and shimmery gray ones. It suits most eye colors. White is also a shade available in various brands, which is best suited for those having fair skin color.
You can have a simple white or a shimmery white as well. White, with a tinge of soft pink, looks beautiful and can be worn on baby pink attire. Metallic green and metallic greenish-gray are also a fave of many. Both of these are popularly used with funky attire.
Well, using mascara is not just picking a suitable color from the best brands and applying it to your lashes. You can do a lot with colorful mascara in combination with other colored cosmetics, to create a magical look.
You can use colored mascara just for the lower or upper lashes, and use black for the rest. A combo of black and one of the colors, or a dual-colored look is sure to make the perfect fashion statement. One of the tips is to use the darker shade first, and finish the tips with a light shade.