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Information on Colored Eyeliner and Cool Ways to Use It

Tulika Nair
Bored of the same old black eyeliner? Maybe it is time to pick out a colored one in a shade that suits you, and experiment with your looks. Read on to know how to pick an eyeliner in a bright, pretty color, and how to apply it well.
It is a very famous quote that eyes are the windows to the soul. If that is true, then it makes complete sense at some level to make your eyes look as beautiful as possible. Right? Well, arguable logic aside, eyes remain one of the most attractive features on a human face.
Some of the most beautiful women in the world, are considered even more gorgeous, thanks to the attractiveness of their eyes. Even if you are not blessed with breathtaking eyes, it is possible to make them look alluring and attractive by wearing the right type of eye makeup.
Mascara, kohl, and eyeliner; basics of any eye makeup kit; if you live by these staples, then maybe it is time to experiment a little by looking at colored eyeliner as an option. Here, we tell you how you can choose the correct shade for yourself and how you can apply the same.

Making the Right Choice

There is no dearth of colors and shades in eyeliners available in the market. Women tend to stick to basic colors like black and brown, but it may be a good idea to choose a colored eyeliner to accentuate your makeup and create a different look.
In order to do so, you will need to understand which is a good shade for you. This completely depends on your eye color. The basic aim of applying eyeliner is to create a certain depth to your eyes and to define your lash line. It is important that the liner does not take away from your eyes or does not distract in any way.
If you have brown eyes, this does not matter because you are one of those lucky women who can carry off pretty much any shade. Other than the color of your eyes, the color of your hair, and your skin tone also go a long way in determining which color you should opt for.
If you have blue eyes, then it would be best to choose an eyeliner in a brown or bronze shade. This will enhance the blue of your eyes and accentuate them beautifully.
You could also opt to choose colors like gray, purple, violet, and even blue but remember that if you choose blue, choose a shade that is darker than your eye color.
If you are born with green or hazel eyes, then opt for shades like purple or brown. A gold eyeliner can also look gorgeous on women with hazel eyes. As mentioned before, women with brown eyes can experiment with as many colors as they want.
Charcoal or black and navy blue eyeliner works well for everyone. Add a tinge of silver eyeliner to glam up the look a bit.

Wearing it Properly

We suggest that when wearing eyeliner in a color other than black, you combine two different shades of eyeliners to create a unique and exotic look. Combine a shade of eyeliner that suits you, with a basic shade to enhance your eyes.
✤ Use the lighter shade from the two colors that you have chosen on the inner half of both eyelids and the darker one on the outer part of both eyelids.
✤ Use black eyeliner on the outside part of the bottom eyelids. Then use a glitter eyeliner on the inner rim of the lower eyelids to create a glam girl look. Avoid those colors that you wear generally.
✤ Apply black eyeliner and then top it with a blue eyeliner in a light shade. This will create a look that is dramatic but subtle. You can try as many combinations as you want with black eyeliner by using different shades like purple, gray, silver, or even green.
Choosing the best color for your eyes would depend on what the color of your eyes is, but once you have made the choice, it's all about wearing it with style and panache.