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Color Changing Nail Polish

Smita Pandit
Have you ever heard about color changing nail polish? Wondering how it changes color? Go through this story to find out more about this nail polish.
With the availability of different types of makeup products, the task of turning a plain Jane into a diva has become easier for makeup artists or anyone who knows how to apply makeup properly. You might be a lover of natural beauty but there's no harm in using makeup products to accentuate your features and make yourself look even more beautiful.
Whether it's a nice eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick or for that matter, manicured nails with a beautiful nail polish on them, if these products are applied well, you can really make heads turn.
Most cosmetic companies are trying hard to catch the attention of consumers with their products. One such product that seems to be have caught the fancy of fashionistas is the color changing nail polish.

How Changes Color

So, how does this product work? Well, the change in the color takes place due to a change in temperature. When you go out in the sun, some of the ingredients in the product react to the change in the temperature. So, while you are out basking in the sun, heat from the sun causes the change in the color.
As you step indoors, and the temperature drops to normal, it will change to its original color. So, the change in color is brought about due to the exposure to the sun. Besides being sun activated, the changes in the color could also occur due to changes in your body temperature.
So, the color might change if you are holding a cup of hot tea or a cold drink. Some of these work on the same principle as that of mood rings. These are sometimes called mood nail polishes.


This product can either be bought online, or mega beauty outlets. There are various brands that are offering this product and with the kind of response this product is getting, many other brands will soon be launching their mood nail polishes soon. Del Sol, Toma, Nubar Moodies, and Claire's are some of the brands that offer a wide variety of amazing shades.
Surely, this trend is catching up fast and it's definitely a great hit with young girls. It's really fascinating to watch the change in the color. Whether you want a subtle change on exposure to sun, or you like the dramatic changes, you can choose from the vast collection of colors.
Those of you who like it subtle, can go for the lighter shades. Del Sol's Reckless might be the perfect shade for you. The original color is a shimmery white, which on being exposed to sun, turns into a shimmery pink. Ruby Slippers and Island Fever are also beautiful shades.
Those who like bright colors can get their hands on shades such as Heartbreaker, Sunkissed, and Spikes. These give a dramatic shift in the color. Though these nail polishes will cost you more than your regular ones, these are definitely worth a try. These can be used on acrylic nails as well.
With the vast collection of beautiful shades that are available, there is no way that you wouldn't find a shade that you will love to apply on your nails. Wear this nail polish on your shapely nails and go have some fun in the sun!