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Fashionable and Alluring Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Mayuri Kulkarni
Adorning hair extensions by the cold fusion method is the latest trend that is getting popular due to its painless procedure which makes it one of the best options. This method has certain benefits that give it an edge over other hair extension methods.
Short hair are great for summers. But, once you have cut your hair short, it takes a long time to grow it long. However, if you want long pin straight or gorgeous wavy hair then within few hours you can achieve it.
Cold fusion method to attach hair extensions is a great and safe way to do it. It is suitable for all types of hair and especially recommended for hair which are fine or weak.

Methods of Cold Fusion

Ultrasonic Cold Fusion

A keratin-based polymer is used to stick the hair extensions to the scalp. A hand-held like a heat wand generates ultrasound waves that create vibrations, which are directed only to that part of the scalp where the V-shaped keratin based polymer is applied to stick the extensions.
These vibrations enhance the bond between the extensions and natural hair, which is strong and invisible. There is no heat involved in this process, which makes it a safer bet to try on.

Tube Cold Fusion

The hair strands are first placed inside the tube rings and hair extensions are attached to the natural hair by way of clamping the tube, which binds them together. The tube rings are then removed by opening the clamps and it slides off the hair.

Cold Bonding

This is a method in which the extensions are attached to the scalp with the help of a polymer-based adhesive that is applied to the tip of the extensions. This is a very simple process, and the removal is also hassle-free where you can use formulated serum or with a natural alternative like citrus oil.


  • Due to its flexible nature, this polymer does not make the hair extensions look stiff or unnatural.
  • This method is safer than the heat and glue that is used in the hot fusion hair extension method, or the pains of weaving.
  • You can add extensions to the front of your head which is sensitive, using this method, as it is painless.
  • Once the extensions are fixed, you can wash or style your hair as you would do, to your natural hair.
  • The extensions will stay longer, for about 6 months, as compared to other methods used for hair extensions.
  • This pain-free method can be used to add volume to thin and fragile hair. It is useful for people suffering from Alopecia, a health problem where a person suffers from hair loss throughout the body and hair become thin and brittle. This method is preferred in case of thin hair as the heat fusion method may damage the already thin hair.
  • As this method allows the extensions to stick very close to the scalp unlike other methods where the extensions may be stuck at the beginning of natural hair instead of the scalp, it is a blessing for chemotherapy patients who can do away with the wigs, if they use any. This method is easy to implement on short hair as well.
  • This method is a completely non-surgical way of grafting hair extensions and the time required to complete this process is much less as compared to other methods.
  • If at any point, you wish to remove the extensions, you will have to simply dissolve the bond using a solvent / depolymerizing lotion.


  • Cold fusion hair extensions can be quite expensive, with the cost of treatment ranging from $200 to $3000.
  • An extra cost has to be incurred for the removal of extensions as the removal requires professional supervision.
While there are many benefits associated with this method of fusing hair extensions into your natural hair, you should take care as to not wash them as often as you would wash natural hair. This is because, ultimately, these are artificial, and hence won't produce oil like natural hair do.
Also, you have to be gentler while styling or rubbing your hair. Consult your stylist before choosing the extensions, so that you can decide better on the one that will suit you better.