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Coconut Milk for Hair

Sonia Nair
Almost all coconut derivatives, including coconut milk, are said to be good for skin and hair. Here is a brief overview about the use of coconut milk for hair care.
Coconut is one of those palm trees with a multitude of uses. It is best known for its fruits that are actually drupes and not nuts. These fruits, commonly referred to as coconuts, are used for culinary, cosmetic as well as industrial purposes.
Coconuts are widely used in various parts of the world, especially the tropics, where this palm is found abundantly. While coconut water is said to be a refreshing as well as healthy drink, coconut meat is also an indispensable ingredient in various regional cuisines.
Even coconut milk and coconut oil are used for culinary purposes. These products are highly valued for their cosmetic uses too. They are claimed to be good for both skin and hair care. While many are found to be aware of the benefits of coconut oil for hair, very few know about coconut milk uses.

What is Coconut Milk

There is a general misconception that coconut milk is the liquid that is found inside coconuts. In fact, this liquid is coconut water, and the milk is extracted from the meat inside this fruit.
You can make coconut milk by squeezing grated coconut meat. Such coconut milk will be thick and creamy in consistency. You may also grind grated coconut with a tablespoon of lukewarm water, before squeezing it to extract the milk.

Benefits for Hair

Milk of coconut is rich in protein and other nutrients, and this makes its intake good for healthy hair growth. Topical application of coconut milk is claimed to be effective for boosting hair growth, apart from countering dandruff, hair fall, and graying.
It has also been observed that use of coconut milk on hair can make your mane softer. It is also used for hair straightening and conditioning. For straightening hair, coconut milk is used in combination with other materials like lemon juice.

How to Use

Though store-bought coconut milk is an easy option, freshly-squeezed, homemade milk is always preferred for both culinary as well as cosmetic purposes.
Once you are done with the coconut milk preparation, all you have to do is to massage it on the scalp. Gentle massage is always preferred. Leave it for at least an hour, before rinsing with lukewarm water. You may use a small amount of herbal shampoo to wash the hair. Repeat this procedure at least once a week for faster results.
Such use of coconut milk may curb hair loss and may also result in hair growth. It is also said to be a good remedy for one of the common hair problems, i.e. dandruff. Coconut milk and oil are among the age-old remedies that are believed to be effective for reducing the rate of graying.
In order to boost the health and sheen of hair, you may apply a mixture of coconut milk and gram flour. For a cup of coconut milk, you need two tablespoons of gram flour. Apply this mixture on the hair and scalp, and rinse off after an hour, using a herbal shampoo.
Milk of coconut, mixed with a few drops of lime juice is also used as a home remedy for curbing hair loss.
Some people add aloe vera gel to coconut milk and use this mixture for hair care. Coconut milk mixed with equal amount of amla (Indian gooseberry) oil is believed to work wonders for hair.
Hair straightening is done with a mixture of coconut milk and lime juice. Extract milk from half a coconut and add the juice of half a lemon into it. Combine them well and place the mixture in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.
Take out the bowl and remove the cream that forms on the top of the bowl. Apply it on the hair and cover with a towel. Rinse off with a mild shampoo, after an hour. Apart from making the hair shiny, this procedure is said to make it straight too. Repeat this twice a week, for best results.
In short, use of coconut milk is beneficial for making your tresses healthy and lustrous. These are some of the popular methods of using coconut milk for hair growth, and to prevent hair fall and graying. So, you may try this natural remedy, instead of spending fortunes on commercial haircare products.