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Effective Coarse Hair Removal Methods

Aastha Dogra
Having excessive and thick hair growth on the body can be a nightmare for any woman. But you need not worry about it any more. Here are some very effective methods which a woman can opt for to get rid of this problem.
All women have fine hair growth, but there are a few unfortunate ones who have excessive and thick hair growth, similar to that of men, on their chin, legs, arms, back, stomach, and all other areas of the body.
A condition known as 'hirsutism', in which there is excess production of the male hormone 'androgen' in the body, is most of the time responsible for this. Ethnicity of the female as well as genetics too can play a part.


If you are looking for an affordable and painless technique, then shaving will suit you the best. One drawback of shaving is that it is only a temporary solution since it does not remove hair from the follicles, it can only cut hair from the surface of the skin.
To remove coarse hair through shaving, start with washing the skin area from which hair has to be removed with soap and warm water. This will help in softening the coarse hair. Then apply a shaving cream on the skin area, and with a razor, remove the hair. Once the hair is removed, wash the skin with warm water and apply a good moisturizer.


Although hair removal through waxing can be painful, it is one of the safest methods whose effects last for up to a month. To remove hair through this method, the skin area needs to be washed with soap first and then thoroughly dried.
Remember not to apply any moisturizer or lotion on the skin area from which hair has to be removed by waxing. Instead dust the area with some talcum powder as it helps in smoother waxing.
Take the wax and warm it, till its consistency becomes like honey. Now, with a blunt knife apply the wax in the direction of the hair. Immediately place the waxing strip on the skin and press it firmly with your hands so that it sticks to the skin.
With one forceful action, pull out the cloth from the opposite direction of the hair. Along with the cloth, you will find that the hair too have come out. Repeat this procedure till all the hair is removed. Later, wash the skin area with warm water and soap, and pat dry with a towel. Apply ice if you see redness.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is ideal for people who are looking for permanent removal of hair. In this treatment, a pulse of light is passed through the hair shaft, that weakens the hair root and destroys it eventually.
This method requires a number of sessions and can be very expensive too. One drawback of this technique is that it requires a touch-up every year even after the treatment has ended. This method is especially beneficial for people with coarse hair and light skin.


There is no better, permanent method for hair removal than electrolysis. In this method, a needle is inserted in the root of the hair, through which electric current is passed which destroys the cells present there and burns the hair root, thus hampering and discouraging the hair growth.
Electrolysis, similar to laser hair treatment, requires multiple sessions. The main drawback of this method is that it can cause pain, scarring and even infection in some people. These days there are electrolysis kits available in the market by which you can carry out the whole procedure yourself at home itself.

Depilatory Creams

If you are looking for an easy and hassle-free method, then go in for any of the depilatory creams available. All you have to do is to apply them on the skin area, leave on for a few minutes, and then wash off with a wet cloth.
Such creams have very strong chemicals in them so they might irritate the skin. Secondly, effects of this technique last for only about a week, and the hair that regrows is even thicker than before.
Compare these methods on various parameters such as cost, effectiveness, side effects, etc., and then choose the one that suits you best.