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How to Use Clip-in Human Hair Extensions

Mamta Mule
Cut them, color them, and style them. That is not it for your hair though. Days that you feel you want to don a long hairstyle, but cannot due to the short length of your hair, are days that are saved by clip-in human hair extensions. Let's learn what exactly are they and how to use them.
Your hairstyles makes a huge difference to your overall appearance. Getting a trendy haircut and styling your tresses into a funky way is very in today.
Apart from styling, coloring the locks is a popular way to don a modish look. With numerous and constantly changing fashion trends in hair colors, one is sure to get confused about the color, style, etc.
Planning to color your hair in one of the styles? Well, you can, but then you might have to keep it on for months, or at least for a few days!
What if you could change your hair color everyday? No, there's no magic involved, but a popular hair accessory, clip-in human hair extensions. These allow you to have a new color in your hair everyday.
You might be aware that there are two basic types of hair extensions - synthetic and human hair. While the synthetic ones are much cheaper, these lack to lend the real hair effect.
On the other hand, extensions of thin strands add 'highlights' or 'streaks' to the original texture of your hair and make it look noticeably different.
Only on choosing a closer color and proper style you can get a neat look.
As these are made from human hair, these blend well with your hair. What's more, you can pick from straight, wavy, or curly hair extensions, something that matches your original hair texture and style. There is something for everyone, be it short, medium, or long hair or African-American hair which has a thicker texture.
Though a bit expensive than the synthetic ones, these have much more on offer. As you dye, color, and style your own hair, you can very well do the same with these. Yes, you can color, curl, or even straighten the extensions.
These are available in small strands for highlights or larger wigs to have an entire hair style and are comparatively easy to apply. First, find the ones that complement or contrast your hair color. For a funky shade, you can pick red, orange, blue, green, pink, purple, or turquoise.
For natural shades, get black, brown, golden, dark blonde, etc.
Once you find the right shade, start applying them. These come with clips attached at one of the ends. Make a partition, place the clip-ins, and fix the clip by taking your hair in the clip.
Do this wherever you want to add the streaks. For wider wigs, make wide partitions. Also, make sure that you have a strand over these covering the clips.
There are various brands selling human hair extensions. Make sure that you check the reviews and buy quality stuff. Make sure you buy the right shade and more importantly, the right style and length. Keep them clean and maintained for longer and better results.