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Clip In Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Clip in hair extensions are perfect to instantly change the look of short hair. Information here explains what these extensions are like, how to put them on, how to buy them, and their cost.
Long, voluminous hair are often considered as a symbol of beauty or femininity. However, not everyone is blessed with naturally long hair. Most women have to resort to artificial ways of enhancing their locks. Hair extensions are one of the most popular ways of adding volume and length to your mane. Extensions have been around for many years.
Many celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Aniston have popularized extensions. They are often of permanent nature and need professional assistance while wearing and removing them. However, clip in extensions are a 'do-it-yourself' version which allow you to alter your appearance in a matter of minutes.

What are They?

They are strands of hair attached to a plastic microclip. These strands get attached to your natural hair when the microclip closes with a snap. Clip ins are available in varying lengths, widths, and sizes. You can get them as long as 26 to 30''.
Extensions not longer than 22'' are suggested, as longer ones put stress on your natural hair due to additional weight. Extensions of 18- 22'' are widely popular. Almost any woman with an average height can look great with 18'' extensions. Hair supplements of a width of 3- 4'' should be clipped at the back, whereas those of 1- 2'' should go on the sides.

Are You a Candidate?

Although, clip ins are essentially meant for adding length to short hair, they won't work if your hair is too short. In that case, you may have to seek professional help for applying the extensions to your short locks.
You should have at least shoulder-length hair for clipping the extensions on. Similarly, the thickness of hair should also be preferably medium to thick. If you have very fine hair, you'll need a salon professional to cover up the tracks in your tresses. Clip ins can be noticed in very short hair as they look unnatural.

How to Buy Them

Clip ins do not offer you much of variety in terms of colors, thus you may or may not find the perfect hair color for you. Hence, you will have to buy one that is closest to your natural hair color.
The good part is, for human hair clip in extensions, you may be able to dye them to your natural color and cut them as desired. They are available in synthetic materials. You can buy them at drug stores or at reputed supermarkets like Walmart. You may also order them online.

How to Put Them On

Clip ins are easy to wear. Simply divide your hair in 1'' wide sections. Take the extension and snap it underneath your natural hair so that the plastic clip is invisible. Attach as many extensions you want. Clipping these may need some practice before you clip them on in seconds. Nonetheless, you can still complete the job in less than half an hour at home.


Human hair extensions are an expensive option, but they also offer the most natural looking results. You should expect to spend anywhere between USD 100 to USD 200 for the real thing. Cheaper clip ins are also available in the form of synthetic extensions. Synthetic extensions cost not more than USD 80.
Clip in extensions do not damage your hair, unlike permanent extensions glued, braided or weaved into natural locks. Clip ins are perfect for a few hours, just to get a new look. The only drawback is that the clip may become visible if your hair gets blown away. If you are not careful while clipping them, extensions may come off and cause embarrassment.
Take good care of your extensions to prolong their life. Brush them at least once a day and avoid using too many hair care products on them. Handle them gently while clipping them on.