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Cleansing Tips for a Healthy Skin

Kashmira Lad
Cleansing your skin daily can make it immune to pores, acne, breakouts, pimples, scars, and other menaces, thus giving you flawless, healthy, and happy skin. Follow this cleansing regimen religiously for a beautiful skin.
Gorgeous and flawless skin is not impossible to attain if you follow a proper skin care routine. Our skin is delicate, on top of that it is subjected to a great amount of wear and tear when we step out into the sun and have to battle the pollution levels.
It is not only all the dirt and grime that can affect our skin, the amount of stress that we tend to encounter at our work place also affects the way our skin looks and feels in a drastic way.

Three Basic Steps to Healthy Skin Care

  • Cleansing
  • Exfoliating
  • Moisturizing
You must also be aware of the type of skin you have. This would determine your cleansing skin care routine to a great extent. The basic types of skin are normal, dry, oily, combination, and really sensitive skin.

For Normal Skin

If you have normal skin, you need to cleanse it at least twice a day with warm water. Normal skin is also the kind to give you the least number of skin problems.
Here's what you can do for cleansing it- use rose water in the morning on your skin, this would help refresh it. Use a light cream after this, to gently moisturize it. Avoid using a lot of moisturizer as it would make your skin appear very greasy. When you go to bed you may use a mild soap to wash off the dirt and grime.
Use some light cleansing skin cream and massage it gently onto your face. Dampen a bit of cotton and use it gently to get rid of any dirt that tends to block the pores. You can even opt for a mild toner during the day to keep the pores tight and to add a natural glow to your skin.

For Dry Skin

You need to be extremely careful with dry skin as it tends to be flaky and also tends to be somewhat delicate at times. Use only light creams for dry skin, ones that should not remove any natural oils from the skin while cleansing.
Dry skin needs to retain the natural moisture. Use a light, exfoliating product that will remove the dry flakes to reveal healthy and glowing skin. Always massage gently into the skin especially around the eyes.

For Oily Skin

With oily skin one needs to be careful about the skin care routine. Any deep cleansing skin cream may add excess oil to the skin. You need to wash your face at least 2-3 times in a day and use moisturizers that do not make your skin look oilier.
Use face masks that help maintain the right balance of oils for your skin. Exfoliating your skin with the help of some homemade packs or light face scrubs would also help you have healthy and glowing skin.

For Combination Skin

A combination skin shows traits of dry skin as well as oily skin, in different areas of the face. For this, you will have to specifically choose products that are designed for combination skin. This would help you to get rid of just the right amount of excess oil and replenish some amount of moisture in your skin.

General Cleansing Tips for all Skin Types

Steaming your face can be a great way to clean your face. Heat a bowl of water and place it on the table. Cover your head with a towel when you bend over the bowl and be in this position for about 8 minutes. Use a towel with a slightly rough surface and gently brush it all over your face.
• Always massage creams gently into the skin with an upward motion. Rubbing hard will only cause your skin to turn red.
• Use some amount of milk and squeeze a bit of lemon juice in it. This also acts as a good homemade cleansing agent.
• Always drink plenty of water. Cleansing your skin is not just about the creams and face packs, but how healthy you are from within as well.
• Pat your face dry. Do not ever rub your skin after washing.
Use homemade face masks as a better alternative over products that are full of chemicals. Sometimes the natural way may prove to be more effective as compared to what you may buy off the shelf.