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Clary Sage Oil for Hair

Clary sage oil helps prevent dandruff and hair loss. It has other therapeutic uses and benefits like promoting tranquility, regulating menstruation, and also acts as an antidepressant.
Sheetal Mandora
Clary sage oil (Salvia Sclarea) is obtained from the leaves and buds of the clary sage plant by steam distillation. For centuries, many ailments have been healed and cured with the use of the oil. Basically it's used as an eye cleanser, to brighten eyes, improve vision, and prevent loss of vision due to age.
Along with its sweet smelling scent, there are tons of health benefits of the essential oil like stimulating self-esteem and confidence. This helps to alleviate depression and stress-related problems. This oil, if blended with sandalwood and jasmine oil, can help cure impotence. Mixing it with lavender oil, you can ease feelings of anxiety and depression.

Using Clary Sage Oil

The oil has been proven to boost hair growth. It soaks up excess oil and makes dirty hair look fresh. It helps in reversing hair loss problems, promoting hair growth, and strengthening hair for better manageability and shine. This oil speeds up hair growth and prevents premature balding.
If you are wondering about the oil's usage in your daily life, then read on to find out its uses in aromatherapy, in preventing hair loss and some simple at-home remedies. This oil also blends well with other essential oils like ylang-ylang, jasmine, chamomile, etc. For more beneficial results, here's a list of these oils that mix well with the oil.

For Frizzy Hair

>> 3 tablespoons coconut oil
>> 2 tablespoons clary sage oil
>> 1 tablespoon jasmine oil
>> 5―6 drops ylang-ylang oil
Melt the coconut oil and add all the other oils. Apply it on hair and wrap in a hot towel for 30 minutes. Wash hair properly.

For Dandruff

>> 5 drops lemon oil
>> 3 tablespoons clary sage oil
>> 3 tablespoons mandarin oil
Mix all the ingredients and warm it on low heat. Massage the mixture into the scalp and wrap in a hot towel for 20 minutes. Wash hair properly.
When you mix clary sage oil with jojoba oil, and apply it to the roots of your hair; it promotes faster hair growth. Massage 4―5 drops of the mixture into your scalp. This stimulates the roots of the hair and can jump start new hair growth.
The oil helps moisturize the hair, preventing greasy looking appearance. This essential oil facilitates hair growth by nourishing, strengthening, and cleansing the hair follicles and shaft. It also minimizes excess oil produced by the scalp, which can lead to painful boils.

Some Health Benefits

1. Clary sage herb, with its rejuvenating properties is used in aromatherapy. But how is the herb used in aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is a gentle health care process used for balancing and enhancing your body, mind, soul, spirits, and emotions. Its strong aroma and sedative properties aids in natural healing.
2. This oil helps in treating nervousness, fear, restlessness, depression, and weakness.
3. It also helps in provoking lucid dreams, and promotes tranquility, warmth and liveliness.
4. It drives away scattering thoughts and emotions from your mind, and can help you come out of unmanageable circumstances.
5. The oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-spasmodic. It helps in achieving a good night's sleep, relieves muscle pain, and sore throat. Its greatest benefit for women is that it helps to induce labor.
But be advised, the oil has adverse effects of hypnotism over mind and emotions, producing very tranquil and peaceful states. Therefore, consult a physician regarding serious health concerns and don't self diagnose yourself.
Avoid using the herb if you are pregnant or lactating as it can have adverse effects. The herb is a relaxant, and is sedative in nature, which enhances the intoxicating effects of alcohol, and hence shouldn't be combined together.