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Chunky Highlights for Short Hair

Geeta Dhavale
Planning to change your look with a chunky hairstyle? This post tells you about chunky highlights for short hair, that can enhance your appearance.
Colored hair is very popular. Earlier, henna was the only thing used to add some tint to your hair. But today, with various vibrant colors available, it is possible to get any hair color that you wish for. There are many different ways to color hair. You can opt for either permanent or temporary highlights. Lowlights also look equally trendy. The best way to get these highlights and lowlights is by coloring a few hair strands or a whole chunk of hair instead of coloring the entire mass of hair.

Chunky Highlights

These are slightly different from the usual hair highlights. The procedure used is quite similar to that of traditional highlighting, and is known as chunking. As the name suggests, it involves coloring a large section of hair instead of merely a thin strand.
It generally involves using bold and dark colors that are in contrast to the natural color of the hair. Another interesting thing is that it generally suits people with short hair. People with long hair avoid chunking as it may look patchy. Chunky highlights look good and are easy to maintain, and they cost less too.
The biggest advantage of getting these highlights is that they make thin hair appear fuller and thicker. Though this process involves loud colors, you may choose the pastel or natural ones for a subtle look.
Young, college-going men and women can opt for dark, wild colors that help them assert their personalities. The only thing needed to carry off this hairstyle is the right attitude and confidence. If you have that, go ahead to acquire this look.

Short Chunky Hairstyles

To get the funkiest highlights for short hair, it is mandatory to have a good, short haircut. You can experiment with a variety of short haircuts such as bob hairstyles with different variations, choppy hairstyles, crop cuts, and short layers. Once you have a good haircut, you can choose as to how much hair you want to get colored.
You can color only the ends of your hair for an unconventional look. When you are bored with the color, you can cut the ends and get them colored differently later. Short, chunky, layered hairstyles are very much in vogue, and you can try some of them for a chic look.
Before selecting any color for chunking, it is important that you check the natural color of your hair and choose whatever color is compatible or contrasting to it. Pink, purple, yellow, and golden are good options for chunky highlights for brown hair.
Before you go for any chunky highlights, it is better to consult your hairstylist. To avoid damage to your hair, get it colored from professional salons. They can suggest the right hair colors and do the job to the optimum perfection, using various hair highlighting techniques. With just the right amount of chunking, you are sure to dazzle the streets with your new look. Have fun!