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Choppy Layered Hairstyles

Pragya T
Choppy layered hairstyles give an edgy and stylish look. Learn about how to get a choppy layered haircut, and different reinventions and styles of this hairstyle.
Choppy hairstyles are basically layered hairstyles, where the bulk of the hair is removed by running a razor through the hair. 
Though these haircut styles and ideas needs a bit of maintenance, they impart a great look. There are various ways to get a layered haircut, and then use a razor to give it a choppy appearance.

How to Get a Choppy Layered Hairstyle?

You can go to a beauty salon, or follow these steps to cut your hair layered and choppy at home. However, great care should be taken while using the sharp razor blade.
  • First shampoo your hair clean, and then use a towel to remove the excess water so that your hair remains damp but not drippy. Damp hair will be easier to cut.
  • Decide the length till which you want your hair to be cut depending on whether you want to go for short or long choppy layered haircuts. Also, decide if you wish to go for a graduated bob cut style.
  • Now part your hair in middle, and comb them straight down.
  • Now, start cutting your hair in layers, and reach the deep layers for the choppy effect.
  • After you are done with the cutting procedure, use a razor to give them the desired look.
  • It is better if you let a friend handle the razor, to move it through the strands of your hair to impart a wispy and edgy look to the ends, and remove the excess of the hair.
  • Style your hair using gel or cream. You can either style them all straight down, or flip the hair ends outwards, or mix-up by styling in an upward and downward manner.

Amazing Haircut Ideas

You can accentuate the haircut with some hair coloring options to create a unique and more textured look.
  • Depending upon the length of your hair, you can style it in different ways. If you want a short haircut or a choppy one, then opt for some pixie styles. For this, you will have to keep the hair at the back, cut extremely short, and some sweeping bangs in front.
  • Another great style is the graduated bob haircut look. For this, you will have to cut the hair at the nape of your neck very short, and tapering at the ends.
  • For people who want to keep a soft toned down look so that such hairstyle can also be suitable in the workplace, a normal layered long haircut is a good idea. Cut your hair in a layered style on the edges, and by using a razor flip your hair out.
  • It is good if you always accompany such haircuts with a fringe or bangs. For the former type, just take a section of the front hair, and cut it straight at the eyebrow level. This will impart a bold look, but to soften the fringe a bit, you can snip off the ends and run a razor along it.
  • Side sweeping bangs can provide you with a stylish and sexy look. Take a section of the front hair, and part this in the middle. Then, cut it till the center of the nose, snip off the edges, and run a razor to give a nice wispy look.
Thus, choose an individual style according to your hair length, and maintain safety while using the sharp blades during the cutting process. You can also go to a beauty salon, and ask the stylist for getting the specific type of choppy haircut of your choice.