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Cheerleader Ponytail Hairstyles

Veethi Telang
Wow! You're a cheerleader? How about jazzing up your look by checking out some cool ponytail hairstyles pitched in this write-up?
Every weekend, towns and suburbs in the United States root for their passion for sports, and gather in stadiums and amphitheaters. While the center stage is a battleground of the players, the sidelines have a horde of the smashing American sight; cheerleaders.
Lost in their own world, cheerleaders are no less than fashion icons, and from the poms to the megaphones to the booty-shaking and the funky ponytails, cheerleaders are always hopping from one corner to another, adding that funkiness all around. So, if you're a cheerleader, surely you're doing a great job!
Today, for the very aim of this story, let's talk about the importance of keeping your hair out of your eyes as a safety precaution. Many a time, while performing, obstructed vision may pose harm to a cheerleader, or may simply be irritating.
So, the glam dolls need a little homework on how to create different hairstyles so that neither they have to deal with unmanageable layers flowing all over their face, nor do they have to compromise with the glamor quotient. Have a look for ideas on some chic and cute ponytail hairstyles for cheerleaders.

Cheerleader Ponytail Hairstyle Ideas

Hell no! A single pony is such a boring idea! Yes, of course. Not everyone loves a single, mundane ponytail, and therefore, are always on a constant lookout for some newness in their hairstyle. Perhaps, the following could help you out. Have a look.

Double Ponies

Yeah! Even they can be boring! But what if we tell you that you could add jazz to your look by cutting short bangs above the eye level, so that you not only look younger than before, but look adorably cute too?
When you comb your bangs in the downward direction, and tie two ponies, one left and one right, you're sure to look adorable. Even better, try braiding your hair, and then tie two ponies. They will add creativity to your look, and will set you apart from the crowd.

High Side Ponytail

To add that oomph to your look, try a high side ponytail by pulling all your hair up towards the right, and tie them. This hairstyle works the best for those who are blessed with straight hair.
To add some creativity to your look, cut short bangs above the eye level, and take them out. Along with front bangs, take out some layers on the sides too, and if it suits you, curl them up a bit. Note that, if not carefully done, you could end up looking like a kid or a female from the 80's.
Hence, to save yourself from making a mockery of yourself, you could also do away with a low side ponytail as it looks cute too.

All Braids Tied

Wanna stick to a ponytail, but in an all new manner? Well, create long braids on your hair, and tie them all together. If you don't know how to braid your own hair, take help from someone who know.
Start braiding at the forehead, and use either a bobby pin or a rubber band to tie them all. When you're done braiding all your hair, tie them all with a cool rubber band that keeps them together. Many a time, it's not possible to take in all strands of your hair into a braid.
Hence, take all those loose strands along with the braids, and tie them all with a big rubber band that's in contrast with the color of your uniform.

Half Ponytail

Another cool addition hairstyles is the half ponytail which is extremely easy to do for those who don't wish to tie all hair into a pony. All you've got to do is, part your hair from the center, and tie the upper section of hair into a ponytail, while leaving the lower section hair open.
Pull out some strands over the shoulder from the open section, so that your half ponytail looks clearer. To add some cuteness, you could take out fringes, and settle them on your forehead in a way that it does not look broad.
For every hairstyle, there's one thing you need to keep in mind - make sure the hairstyle suits you, and you don't end up with a disaster. Just because a hairstyle looks good doesn't mean it has to look good on you.
Wear what complements your face cut, and don a hairstyle accordingly. While the mentioned here were basic ideas to experiment with ponytail hairstyles, you could always try them out in newer ways to add your own unique style.