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Tips for Donning the Classy Cat Eye Makeup

Deepa Kartha
Cat eye makeup has become a craze among women, as this style of applying liner makes ones eyes look dramatic, smoldering, and absolutely gorgeous. Given here is the proper way of donning on this amazing liner style.
The cat eye was largely popular during the 1950's, and they have made a comeback in the fashion industry in recent times too. One main reason for the sudden popularity is because it has been donned by the Hollywood diva, Angelina Jolie at several awards functions.
The best thing about this makeup is that it helps in highlighting the eyes and giving them a very sensual look. Applying liner on your eyes in this style is difficult at first, but with practice, you will get better at it.
Initially in the learning and practicing phase, use a pencil liner, and once you get confident with your technique, switch to a liquid liner. The brush you choose, should be very fine, so that you make precise and sharp strokes. Here are the instructions you need to follow to make your eyes look amazing.

How to Apply Cat Style Eyeliner

▪ First apply concealer under your eyes, if you have dark circles.
▪ Following this, apply the base for your eye-shadow on the entire eyelid. The color should match your skin tone.
▪ Coat the lower half of your upper eyelid with a dark shade of eye-shadow, and using your fingertips, blend the base with the shadow. This will give your eyes a natural look.
▪ Once this is done, the next step would be to apply the eyeliner. You can apply dark brown or black liner, as they look best for style cat eyes.
▪ Dip the brush in the liquid liner pot, and dab off the extra liquid on the mouth of the container. Paint a line from the corner of your eye, beginning with a thin line, making it thicker as you reach the middle of the eye. Do not stop when you reach the crease, instead just extend the line slightly upwards.
Make sure that the line is as close as possible to the lash line. If you want a thicker liner, apply a dash of eyeliner on the top of the already made line.
▪ When you are satisfied with the way you have applied the eyeliner, coat your eyelashes with mascara, and you are ready to flaunt your beautiful eyes.

Additional Ideas

The instructions that are mentioned are for making the traditional styled eye makeup. To add some more flair to your eyes, you could try going in for a smoky effect. To achieve this, you need to first make a thin, smudged line on your upper eyelashes with a black pencil.
Once this is done, take a shade of dark eye-shadow, and apply it over the line with a good shadow brush. Then, apply the liquid eyeliner as mentioned earlier. It is also important to highlight your eyebrows if they are thin using an eyebrow pencil. Complete the look using a coat of mascara on your eyelashes.