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Care Tips for Combination Skin

If your face is partly oily and partly dry, you've got combination skin and there are several ways to care for it so that you can keep the skin looking balanced and good.
Prerna Salla
The most difficult-to-maintain skin type is combination skin. This skin type is also tough to tackle as it has both the extreme types of skin. Oily patches are usually present in the T-zone that is, on the nose, chin, and forehead, while the cheeks are dry.
More often than not, people take this type of skin for granted. For most of us, we are either too busy or too preoccupied to give a second glance to our skin. It's only at the time of makeup application can the uneven surface of the skin be the most annoying. Combination skin needs special attention and treatment daily.
Be sure that you drink enough water throughout the day. Working in an air conditioned environment dehydrates your skin of its essential oils making your face look dry.
Here are some of the tips that might be beneficial for your skin type:

* Clean your face with a soap-free cleanser.

* Exfoliate with a fine textured scrub. Be gentle on the dry areas, as they are more sensitive.
* If possible, use two moisturizers, one for the dry skin and one for the oily areas on your face. Moisturizers work by either increasing the penetration of water into the skin or by reducing the rate at which water is evaporating from the skin surface. The moisturizer for the oily areas should be light.
* Look for products that normalize your skin, such as those that contain alpha hydroxy acids. Most alpha hydroxy acids are derived from fruit, milk, and sugar cane and have anti-inflammatory properties. When applied to the skin they help remove dead skin cells, giving you a younger appearance.
* Use only all natural mineral makeup on your face. Use oil-absorbing makeup on oily areas to control shine because of over secretion of sebum.
* Never wash your face with hot water, as it can dry your skin. Always rinse with lukewarm water, and use a soft towel to pat the skin dry after washing.

* Use a sunscreen with minimum SPF 30, UV-A, UV-B protection. Reapply during the day if you are outdoors for longer periods.

* Consume caffeine in moderation.

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As far as possible, avoid using soaps for your skin. Try using body and face washes. Have lots of fruit. Fruits are readily available and have this innate quality of providing you with almost everything that most cooked vegetables don't give. If possible, make it a habit to eat fruits when you're hungry and have seasonal fruits, as they wash out all impurities within your system adding that extra glow to your skin.
The skin is prone to attracting impurities so it is best to cleanse your face especially in the night and apply a good moisturizer before you retire in bed for the night. The next morning you could be pleased to know that your rejuvenated skin glows best in the morning.