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Caramel Hair Color

Pragya T
Caramel is a beautiful warm shade. This eye-catching hair color can completely change your look, and it is suitable with almost any hairstyle. This article talks about styles, care techniques, etc.
Caramel is a rich hair color, and a perfect choice for many complexions. It is a rich shade of golden, and the hues depend upon the manufacturer. It can range from light blond brown shades to dark iridescent blond shades.
Any shade will have some hint of dark and golden tints. Many times the shade is also called toffee or butterscotch, hence it is important that you select the right variant for hair coloring.

Who Should Get Caramel Color?

Selecting the shade of any color for completely dyeing your hair or adding highlights or lowlights, depends on two major factors.
The first is facial skin complexion and second is the eye color. Caramel being a warm color, it is important that people who have warm skin tone and eye color opt for this shade and use it for dyeing or highlights.
People who fall in the warm skin tone category can have brown skin, with pink or golden undertones, a ruddy complexion, pale complexion with peach or golden undertones or a freckled complexion. The eye color can be, golden brown, greenish blue, green, or hazel eyes with brown or golden flecks.

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If you have any one of the skin tones and eye colors, then this is the right choice for you.


You can go to a stylist and completely dye your hair, however, make sure you select the right shade to avoid your face looking too bright. You can also buy a kit and color your hair at home, by following the instructions written on the product.
People looking for highlights can also use the copper or dark brown color for highlighting. Caramel hair color with blond highlights, will make your hair stand out even more. However, make sure you select a highlight color of blond which is a shiny light shade. Opposite to caramel highlights, you can also consider going for a dark shade for highlighting.
Lowlights don't have ammonia and are done at the base of the hair, so that they add more texture to the look.

How to Take Care of Your Dyed Hair?

Before getting inside a chlorine pool, wash your hair with spring water. This will dilute the harsh chemicals.
Make sure you avoid exposing your hair to sun; wear hats, scarves, or use products with sunscreens to help protect against fading and drying effects of the sun. Leave in conditioners generally contain sunscreens to protect against this.
Use special shampoos and conditioners, and stick to mild hair care products. Don't brush your hair when they are wet, instead use a wide tooth comb to work out tangles as you move the comb from the ends towards the scalp.
So, select the right shade of caramel and get highlights, lowlights or dye your hair completely and enjoy your new look!