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Check Out These Smart Bump Hairstyles

Pragya T
Here are simple and cute bump hairstyle ideas which you can try out easily at home...
Bump hairstyles are very in and give a very smart and chic look when done rightly. They are combined with many other hairstyles to give a fresh and unique look. You can combine it with a ponytail, hair down style, updo style, braid style, curly hairstyle, etc.
To create a bump, lift a section of the hair, and behind it tease it a bit to create volume. Then set the section back on the head with some hair clips. You also get inserts which you can slide under the hair to create the bump. So, you can either use teasing hair technique or use an insert.
Idea #01: Bump updo hairstyles are popular retro hairstyles which are finding their way in today's fashion too. To create a romanti-looking updo style, take the middle front section of the hair and style it into a bump, then create a beautiful chignon and take out strands from sides to soften your look.
You can also create a sleek-looking updo hairstyle by styling it with a blunt Cleopatra bangs style. Take out your bangs, then with the back hair section create a bump, and secure the back hair into a high bun.
Idea #02: Ponytail hairstyles with bump styles give a very chic style. Combine this style with a tan trouser, a white shirt, a red belt, red lipstick, and you will look very chic. Make a bump hairdo and then secure the rest of the hair in a high ponytail and you are good to go.
Idea #03: Create a bump style near the crown and take the bangs out. Then style the rest of the hair in a low ponytail. You can style the ponytail hair wavy if you like.
Idea #04: Here is an unusual braid hairstyle. Create a bump with the front section of the hair and with the rest of the hair create a fish bone braid, and place the braid over your shoulder. You can also create a simple three stand structure braid, if you don't know how to create a fish bone braid.
Idea #05: To create simple bump style for short hair, comb all your hair back, and then place a wire or thin plastic headband near the crown, and then slide it a bit ahead to create the bump.
Idea #06: Here is a flattering bump curly hairstyle idea. Take the front section of the hair and separate it and secure it with a clip. Then style the hair curly with a curling iron or wavy with a sea salt spray. This step is not necessary if you already have curly/wavy hair. Then comb the front hair section and create a bump with it and secure it with clips.
Make sure you have created a secure bump hairstyle, so that it stays for the time being you are out. To make it extra secure, use more hair pins or clips. You can also spray a little bit of hairspray to make the hair stay put for a longer period of time.