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BTS Biggest Beauty Secrets

BTS are known for their glowing skin, smoky eyes, and shiny rainbow hair. BTS has shown-off an elegant presentation of their beauty since their debut in 2013.
Muneeza Jamal

All the BTS boys Jin, V, Rim, J-Hope, Jungkook, Suga, and Jimin always put different hairstyle or dye job after each two months at least. Also, we can see their creative approach in their makeup art. They come up with exclusive and new makeup in their each album.
World of Fashion

They keep inspiring their fans as known as  BTS Army
 to stay brighter in the world of fashion. As BTS are famous for their amazing smoky eyes, their smoky eyes are exclusively adorned with subtle smoky eye look.
New HairStyle for Every Album

Coming to their lips, it gives a popsicle-stained look that makes them more attractive. As we’ve mentioned above that BTS always put new hair style in their album.If we talk about single year 2017, we can notice that we saw Jimin bubblegum pink, platinum blonde, sandy blonde, and then caramel brown.  
More About BTS

The oldest member of BTS Jin is 26 now, but this is just a number in his case as per his look. Jin has quite good skin care-related reasons behind his ever-glowing skin. After the Billboard Awards event, his amazing looks got so viral. Jin was called the ‘third one from the left’.

Coming to Suga who is perfect for wonderful fashion sense in terms of hair colour. Suga prefers hydrating masks also as it leads to very moisturizing and revitalizing product. Suga is quite low-maintenance of the Bangtan people in terms of their beauty schedule. 
Meet V

Meet V, one of the collest boys of BTS. V shows his interest in so many quality things such as Van Gogh, Gucci, and photography, etc. 23 years-old V is well known for his smooth voice in BTS and also he is quite good at giving hilarious facial expressions. People see him as the most handsome face of BTS.
King of Selfies

The king of selfies Jimin is quite popular for his sharp dance steps and an adorable baby face. Though he’s 23 only. Jimin leaves a wonderful shade ever. He believes in keeping his skin clean and removing makeup before going to bed. He mentions to drink sufficient water in his skin care tips as water leads to a good hydrate skin. 

These are a few secrets of BTS boys’ ever. They’re giving new shades of fashion in their each style.