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Amazing Brown Hair Color Shades

Sujata Iyer
Brown hair can look really nice, if you choose the right shade for the right skin tone. Read about the different shades of brown that you can choose from to get a mane that looks elegant and stylish.
If you've thought of going for a totally new look, the thought of getting your hair colored crossed your mind at least once. And one of the hair colors that will never go out of style is brown. Even within the single color, there are so many shades that you can choose.
Information here will give you an idea of the best shades of brown and you can see what you like.

Let us check out the different shades of brown that can do wonders in transforming the way you look.

Shades Of Brown Hair Color

Golden Brown

A faint brown, with hints of golden in it, this color looks gorgeous with almost any skin tone.

Caramel Brown

Take all the celebrities sporting this color as a cue and get some highlights if not a full mane.
Natural Brown
A natural shade is another popular option that a lot of women and men are opting for. So try it!


This shade shows playful, sensitive and firm nature.
Light Brown
A mix of gold and coffee color, it suits all hair lengths.
Ash Brown
Picture the hair of Jennifer Aniston, Mischa Barton and Beyonce Knowles. Need we say more?

Chestnut Brown

Nothing like a deep, dark chestnut brown to make your hair look classy and elegant.
Chocolate Brown
If there ever was a 'delicious' hair color, this dark, rich shade was it. Go get it!
Dark Brown
This darkest shade of brown is something that you simply cannot go wrong with.
That was a peek at the shades of brown that are sure to be an instant hit. So, pick what you like and get yourself that glossy mane! Remember to follow the hair coloring instructions carefully and take a sample skin test before you use any color.