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Bronzer Makeup Tips

Saptakee Sengupta
Bronzer application renders a glowing tan to the face. It highlights the features of your face and makes them prominent. Here are some tips on its application.
Our skin tans if it is exposed to the sun, but overexposure to the sun can also harm and cause the skin to burn. Mild tanning is considered healthy for the skin and also looks attractive. This effect can be artificially created with the help of a bronzer.
When applied with perfection, it gives you a smooth tanned look which is no doubt the specialty of a dusky complexion. It highlights and makes the features of your face more prominent when applied with accuracy.


There is a wide range of vitamin-enriched bronzers of different types available in the cosmetic stores. Powder, cream, liquid, and gel are the popular ones.
Make sure it is long-lasting and does not fade away soon. Oil-free bronzers are also available for oily skin. Pick one depending on your skin type.


Before its application, you must read these tips to know the correct procedure. Too much application will leave your face looking dull, dirty, and fake. A touch of it is all you need to bring about a natural look.

Step # 1

Choose a bronzer depending on your skin tone and what type of effect you want. Select a shade which is a bit darker than your skin tone.
Honey color suits a fair skin. A rose or gold flecked shade is ideal for a medium complexion, whereas, a tawny or amber shade is best for a dark complexion. Blondes can opt for pink, while orange is best for brunettes

Step # 2

For the application of the powder, when you choose the brush, go for a soft, fluffy one. The top should be round so that blending the powder with your skin can be done with perfection. A sable brush is best for it.
Cream, liquid, and gel type can be applied with cosmetic sponges or your fingers.

Step # 3

Clean your skin thoroughly. Never apply an oily moisturizer before because this causes the makeup to stick unevenly, giving it a very unwanted blotchy effect.

Step # 4

Apply a concealer and foundation which suits your skin tone and type. For the powder, swirl the brush evenly in the bronzer, enough to coat it lightly. The application of cream, liquid, and gel can be done using the sponge. Dab the excess off the brush/sponge.

Step # 5

Now apply it with soft touches over the parts that are naturally hit by the sun.
Use gentle strokes over your forehead and then work it down on to your nose. Gradually sweep the brush/sponge over your cheekbones and jawbones to give prominence to your features. You can also highlight your chin mildly.
Do not dab it heavily over your face. Blending is the most important part of application. You can also use a cotton pad or clean cosmetic sponge to dab some off your face if you feel the color is a bit dark. Check in the daylight and be very careful to not overdo the effect.