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Brittle Hair Treatment

Nicks J
Brittle hair treatment involves avoiding shampoos that contain harsh chemicals, following healthy eating habits, and use of natural oils.
Brittle hair problems occur when people fail to take proper hair care. Dry and brittle hair is generally the result of dry scalp, and hair care products (shampoos) that are used frequently to wash the hair. This is because, most of these shampoos contain ingredients that actually damage the hair and make them dry. Here are some proven home remedies to cure this hair problem.
Use Natural Shampoos: Buying organic shampoos that is free from or contains very few man-made chemicals, can provide vitality and growth to the hair.
Use Oils that Stimulate Hair Growth: Use of natural hair oils such as jojoba or coconut oil are capable enough to transform dull, brittle hair into shiny and strong tresses. One can add softness and increase shine of their hair with these oils. People with brittle and dry hair that cause split ends and are vulnerable to breakage can always trust these natural oils to repair their damaged hair.
Jojoba Oil Treatment: Purchase a bottle of 100% jojoba oil. Apply preheated oil to the hair (make sure the scalp is given a good massage) and cover the head using a plastic cap. Let it remain for around 20-25 minutes and then wash the hair with a herbal shampoo. This method when used once in a month can work wonders to get healthier hair.
Olive Oil Treatment: Olive oil also helps to nourish damaged hair. Take a tablespoon of olive oil and warm it up. After warming the oil, use it to massage your scalp. Now, using a towel, cover your head for 30 minutes. This is necessary for deep penetration of the oil into the hair follicle. After the stipulated time is over, rinse your hair using a mild shampoo. This method of using olive oil can add shine to your dry hair.
Coconut Oil Treatment: Prepare a mixture of lime water and lime juice and add coconut oil to it. Apply the mixture daily to strengthen the hair and prevent split tends.
Eat Foods that Promote Healthy Hair Growth: A natural way to get rid of brittle hair is to include foods that work in favor of hair. These foods listedĀ ahead are loaded with high quality protein, essential for healthy hair. Foods such as green leafy vegetables, nuts, poultry products (chicken), eggs, and fish like salmon, can make hair strong and healthy.
Apple Cider Vinegar: This is a natural hair product that can provide relief from itchy scalp. Apple cider vinegar is basically loaded with over 30 nutrients, beneficial to the hair. Apple cider vinegar acts as a great cleanser and is an inexpensive way to treat damaged hair. To use it, take 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and then add it to 4 cups of water. Use this mixture twice a week for massaging the scalp to strengthen hair.
Drink Sufficient Water: Loss of moisture is one of the main reasons behind brittle hair. Adequate intake of water (6-8 glasses) is essential to keep your hair's moisture content normal.
Avoid Usage of Dryers: These hair grooming equipment no doubt provide an easy way to dry wet hair quickly, but the heat that a dryer releases can take away moisture from your tresses, eventually causing this hair problem.
Protect Hair from UV Rays: Excessive exposure to heat and sunlight can also lead to damaged hair. So, to protect hair from scorching heat, one can use UV protection umbrella or wear a sun cap.
Remember, treatment for dry hair does not mean visiting beauty parlors on a weekly basis. Most salons advertise hair care solutions that claim to cure damaged hair. Not only these treatment methods blow a hole into your pocket, they also cause severe hair problems in the long run. A better way is to follow the aforementioned hair care options as they provide the nourishment needed to restore natural, healthy hair.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this story is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.