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Brilliant Nail Hacks that Actually Work

Show some love to your nails with these low on pocket tricks from growing nails to keeping them healthy, all covered.
Vinita Tahalramani
Did You Know?
Naturally growing nails is a sign of a healthy body.
Read on for tips ... while you sip your coffee.

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Thank me later for this tip
Use a glass nail file to avoid breakage of nails.

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For professional nail polishing, 2 quick tips at hand
Apply petroleum jelly around the nails to avoid spreading of paint.
If it has already spread, remove extra polish with brush and nail polish remover.
Trick for smudged nail polish
Smudged nail polish or dented nail, nail art is to your rescue. You can apply glitter or other nail polish to make a style statement.
Dip your polished hand in cold water for a few seconds to few minutes.
Quick dry hack
Spray it to remove it
Use perfume on cotton swab to remove nail polish. An easy way!
Stay away from Ace!
Explaining further, avoid using nail polish remover containing acetone to prevent dryness and weak nails.
Optimistic one
Life gives you lemons, stay strong, and by the way use lemons for whitening and growing of your nails😜. Rub lemon slice on nails and keep it for 5 minutes before washing.
Tooth brushing the nails
You read it right! This will help clean your nails effectively. Use a good toothpaste for doing so.
Keep them hydrated
Use a good moisturizer or petroleum jelly works best. All you have to do is apply it liberally on nails and keep in for 10 mins before washing.
Avoid wearing nail polish for long time to save yourself from having yellow nails. Try changing the nail polish in 10 days or give them a break for a while.
Breathing exercise for nails
Use the openers
Do not use your nails as tools to open containers.
Read the labels!
Don't fall for low quality and cheap nail polish, this costs high on your nail care.
Coconut oil therapy
This helps moisturize your cuticles and prevent growing of unwanted skin around the nails.
Trim toe nails regularly!
You are a person of shoes where long nails can cause ingrown nails leading to serious problems with infections. Do this to avoid rushing to your derma.
Over to you now! Life cannot be perfect but your nails can be! So take care of what is in your HAND.