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Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

Stephen Rampur
If you want to wear a completely different look, the latest option to go in for is black braided Mohawk hairstyles. Here is a brief insight into various aspects related to them.
Mohawks are one of the most popular punk hairstyles seen on teenagers and youngsters. In this style, hair at the sides are cut short, and there is a band of hair left in the center line of the crown, with middle hairline extending to the nape. You can keep the hair in the center - short, medium or long - as per your wish.
Those who want a decent look can have short ones, whereas those looking forward to scene or punk styles can opt for medium or long ones. You can certainly have different styles in a Mohawk, as well. A unique variation that has come up under this category is the braided one.
There is a misconception among the public that Mohawks look good only on African-American people. However, the fact is that due to their attention-seeking feature, they are even being worn by people all over the globe.
As the name suggests, these hairstyles are a blend of the traditional Mohawk and braids. They are mostly made on hard-textured or curly hair, but can even by styled on fine hair and other types, as well. They were popularized by the fashion models walking on the ramp.
As styling them is quite complicated, if you are a beginner at it, it is suggested that you go to a hairstylist and get it done in a professional manner.


To style your hair in an appropriate way, you will have to use good quality hair-styling products such as gels and hair sprays. These things will allow the hairdo to remain in place and will also make the hair manageable while styling.
For making a standard Mohawk haircut, separate some of your hair and set them on the crown at the center. The separated ones will be later styled into your Mohawk. In this hairstyle for boys, the width and length of the hair would normally be smaller than those in girls. Keep them aside from the rest of the hair by making ponytails of them.
Start micro braiding the remaining hair on the sides in a vertical manner till they reach the ones that are to be the Mohawk. After braiding them on both sides, free them from the ponytail and style them in an upward direction.
So, instead of shaving the side hair, which is the case with a typical Mohawk haircut, you simply need to turn them into vertical cornrows. You can even try out a variation in this style.
You can divide the loose hair on the crown into parts and knot them individually. If you want to make the hair on the crown more voluminous, you can use rollers for that matter.
This is one of the ways in which standard braided Mohawk hairstyles can be made. You do have the option of experimenting with the patterns of hair, braids, cornrows, etc.