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Braid Designs

Rimlee Bhuyan
Braids are among the more popular designs that you can experiment with. Braid hairstyles will not only give you that chic adorable look, but are easy to create as well.
One of the most elegant hairstyle is a braided hairstyle. They are very simple to create and you do not need many styling products to make them.
There are different ways to braid hair, from the simple English braid, the classic French braid, to the stunning fishtail braid. When you know the basic ways to braid hair, you can create many designs and come up with beautiful and unique hairstyles.

Hair Braiding Designs

Double Fishtail Braids

Double fishtail braid only looks complicated, but this easy-to-do hairstyle is a doable creative design.
♠ To create this beautiful braid hairstyle, you need to first shampoo and condition your hair with a volumizing shampoo and shine enhancing conditioner.
♠ Blow dry your hair straight and then make a center part. Once you have parted your hair, divide your hair at each side into two one-inch sections.
♠ Pull out one section of hair from the right side. Now, place this section over the left hand one-inch section on the same side, keeping the pressure constant.
♠ Pull out another one-inch section of hair from the left side and cross it over to the other side.
♠ Continue braiding in this way, making sure that you pull out hair sections from the hairline only. Repeat the same fishtail braiding on the other side of the part.
♠ Once you have finished braiding both the fishtail braids, secure the fishtails together at the back of your head using an elastic band.

Headband Braid Design

A great design for girls that is chic and casual is the headband braid.
» To create this braid, you need to comb your hair to remove all knots and tangles. With a rattail comb, make a horizontal line which is two inches back from your hairline.
» Next separate your hair into two sections at the front and the back.
» From the left side of your head, starting just above the ear, French braid the front section of the hair until you reach the right ear.
» Secure the French braid with an elastic band and then pin it behind your right ear with a hair clip.
» To give this French braid headband hairstyle a dramatic look, loosely curl the rest of the hair with a curling iron.

Simple Braid with Ribbon

Hair accessories are very trendy and the following design incorporates a ribbon into the hairstyle.
♣ To make this hairstyle, first shampoo and condition your hair with an anti frizz shampoo and conditioner. Let the hair partially dry, and then blow dry the hair with a dryer.
♣ Apply some hair mousse through your hair and then gather your hair into a low ponytail.
♣ Part the ponytail into three equal sections, and tie a colorful satin ribbon to the right hand section.
♣ Now start braiding your hair by crossing the right section over the middle section, and the left section over the new middle section. When you are done braiding you entire hair, secure the end with an elastic band.
You can also create sophisticated updos with braided hair. If you are looking for braid designs for men, then micro braids are a good option. Using hair accessories like bejeweled barrettes, hair combs, and hair clips can give your braided hairstyle an attractive look.