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Do Body Wraps Really Work?

There are mixed reviews about the effectiveness of body wraps for weight loss and skin tightening. Here's more...
Dhanya Joy
Contrary to popular belief, body wraps are not a new discovery in the world of cosmetic procedures, rather, they have been around for many centuries. They were used by the Egyptians for purposes like good blood circulation, body sculpting, and contouring.
Today, they are famous as one of the best weight loss treatments, and are being used for skin tightening and detoxification as well. The popularity of this treatment is mainly due to it being a non-surgical procedure, that helps lose inches in just a few minutes.

Do Body Wraps Work?

Well, it entirely depends upon the type of weight loss body wrap treatment that you would opt for. Body wraps with regards to weight loss are basically of two types―weight loss and water loss. Both these methods work differently.

Weight Loss Body Wraps

They are also known as detox body wraps. It is an effective method of natural detoxification, that creates inch loss by helping the lymphatic system remove toxins from the body. This process is known as lymphatic drainage, wherein, the toxins and fatty acids to be removed are transferred into the capillaries and thrown out of the body as body's waste.
The natural weight loss obtained from this type of body wrap is permanent in nature, and the amount of weight lost would largely depend upon individual toxin levels. Therefore, weight loss body wraps, do work.

Water Loss Body Wraps

This type of body wrap uses water elimination from the body to create inch loss. These kinds of wraps are useful in case you require to lose a few inches quickly for a special occasion. The weight loss obtained from this type of body wrap is, therefore, temporary. You may gain the lost weight the very next day. They work only for a limited period of time.

Body Wraps at Home

Both the types of wraps mentioned here can be used at the comfort of your home. They are available in the form of body wrap kits that come with user-friendly instructions, and are also hassle free to use. You can also prepare them at home using natural ingredients that also moisturize and soothe the skin.
Body wraps can help firm up the skin and get rid of cellulite effectively. If you go for commercial products, it should include natural ingredients like seaweed, salts, herbs and essential oils, so that the toxins thrown out are replaced by nutrients. The ones with different types of herbal clay ingredients are the best for detoxification and weight loss.

Tips for Applying Body Wraps at Home

To make a homemade body wrap even better and for the results you desire, you can make use of the following tips for applying them at home.

♣ Indulge in a warm bath before applying the body wrap to your skin. If you are looking to lose inches in a particular area of the body or firm up skin, apply the body wrap to that particular area only.
♣ Carefully dip the plastic or rubber wrap in the wrap solution and apply it to the body once it has soaked the solution well.

♣ Drink a few glasses of water before applying the wrap and after getting it off to help flush out the toxins. This will also aid the effect that the body wrap has on your body.