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Body Butter Recipe

Here is a list of interesting body butter recipes, that will help you make all-natural butters that smell great and feel silky on your skin. Read on...
Pragya T
There are so many types of skin moisturizers that buying a good one which suits you can be difficult. If you go to the supermarket you will find a whole aisle loaded with different kinds of body creams, body lotions, and also few body butters. So, what are body butters?
They are highly-nourishing skin moisturizers that work wonders for the skin. They are rich in nutrients and have more health benefits, than your normal body lotions found over the counter. Buying body butters can be expensive also the commercially available products contain chemicals in them.
So, why not avoid these chemical-infused products and make your own interesting butter creams, lotions, and lip balms?

Any recipe need not necessarily be followed with the same exact proportion, for example in the below shea butter recipe you can reduce the amount of oil or increase the amount of butter.
However, there are certain things you need to remember while you are playing with the amount of ingredients. Adding more oil will make the body butter more like a lotion and will help to flow smoothly, but adding less oil will make it more like a cream.
A lotion-like consistency is good, if you want to use it as an after bath moisturizer. Also, lotion-like consistency is good for winters when the butters and oils tend to harden up. During winters add extra oil to the recipe so that it doesn't harden up. Cream-like consistency is good, when you want to make small batches.
You can carry a moisturizer or a lip balm with body butter ingredients, as it can be stored in a small airtight container and won't spill in you luggage. To make a body butter take a large bowl, and mix all the ingredients for the particular recipe. You might need to melt the butter in a double boiler before you mix it with other ingredients.
Nicely mix the ingredients and pour the lotion or cream in the appropriate container and use it whenever required.

Refreshing Mango Body Butter
This is a refreshing recipe that is great as a summer lotion. It can also be used as an after bath moisturizer or a regular moisturizer for summers.
4 Oz. Mango Body Butter Base
2 Oz. Jojoba Oil
12 Drops of Lemon Essential Oil
Sweet Shea Body Butter
This is a deep moisturizing lotion, which is perfect for those who like a sweet-smelling lotion.
4 Oz. Shea Butter
2 Oz. Olive Oil
10 Drops of Rose Essential Oil
Nourishing Cocoa Butter Recipe
This recipe is excellent for stretch marks, dry skin, cracking skin, and winter care.
3 Oz. Cocoa Butter
3 Oz. Almond Oil
15 Drops of Lavender Essential Oil
Spicy Almond Butter Recipe
Spicy fragrance of cinnamon makes this deep moisturizing butter even more interesting. This recipe can be altered to make a lip balm too.
4 Oz. Almond Butter
2 Oz. Coconut Oil
10 Drops of Cinnamon Essential Oil
Light Shea Butter Recipe
This is a good light shea butter recipe which is good for oily skin, also tea tree oil is added to the recipe which has an antibacterial action that prevents zits.
4 Oz. Shea Body Butter Base
2 Oz. Jojoba Oil
15 Drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil
You will need to experiment with the consistency, till you get it right. You can always add more ingredients to increase or decrease the quantity and change the consistency. However, a little care needs to be taken, when using body butter mix on your skin.
As these can be very heavy and can actually clog the skin which is oily by nature, which might lead to breakouts. So, if you have oily skin which is prone to acne, then use a little bit of this butter or a very light butter mix.