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Sleek Bob Hairstyles for 2020

Pragya T
Thinking about the latest bob hairstyles? Here are various bob cut suggestions, that will help you sport a brand new chic hairstyle.
If there is one word that describes bob hairstyles then it is 'sleek'. Today's bobs are sleek, smooth looking styles, and the blow dried puffy hairstyles are totally out of fashion.
So, if you are thinking of a bob hairstyle, then go for a sleek-looking one. Bob hairstyles are chic looking, easy to maintain and look great for summers and for a fall look you can just style it wavy.

Blunt Bob

Blunt bob is the classic bob, and to get a new bob hairstyle with the blunt bob look, try these ideas. Get your hair cut into a blunt bob and then pair it with Cleopatra style bangs.
Don't keep the length of the hair below chin length. But, if you want longer bob hairstyles then go with inverted or layered styles.

Inverted Bob

Inverted bobs are the most popular hairstyles. These look really cool and can be cut either asymmetrically or symmetrically. To get a balanced, neat look, cut your hair near the nape of the neck short and the sides longer, and keep them symmetrical.
However, for an edgy stylish look, go with asymmetrical long inverted bob. Sweeping side bangs look good with this inverted bob hairstyles. This haircut has been made iconic by celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes.

Layered Bob

This is another great bob style. To get layered bob haircuts get choppy layers done on your hair.
If you want, you can accompany your choppy bob with a razor cut for a sleek look, and cut your bangs choppy too.For this haircut, the stylist will first cut your hair into the preferred length, then hold a hair section at an angle, tilt the scissor and make the cut. This way all the hair sections will be cut in different length, to get the choppy effect.

Stacked Bob

Combine a classic bob with an inverted bob and you have a fresh looking stacked bob haircut. So, first get the hair cut short near the nape of the neck and the hair on the sides longer (asymmetrical or symmetrical).
After this, the stylist will give you layers at the back side of the crown. It will be done in such a way that the hair will look stacked. A short side blunt bangs style looks nice with this cut.

Curly Bob

Curly bobs are beautiful short bobs that look extremely cute. For this look, either you will need curly hair or will need to style your hair in curls. Soft body curls look awesome with this style.
So, once you have cut your hair into a layered or inverted bob, style your hair curly, and wear this beautiful look. You can also style your hair into pin curls, if you want that 1920s effect. For that you will need to roll damp hair, and stick them with bobby pins and keep it overnight.

Graduated Bob

If you want to try out something new, this is one in the list. This type of bob haircut is shorter than the usual one. The one who is hunting for a new look must try this one.

Woman with any age bar can pick up this cut and it will give her a complete new look. Additionally, funky highlights will make you look more stunning.

Short Wavy Bob

Time to rock with waves! If you want to have short hair, but with a good volume then go for a WOB (wavy bob).
If you got thick hair, then loosen your curls and if you got thin hair then tighten them for a gorgeous look. Highlighting your waves with ruby red color will make you look more attractive and sizzling.

Jaw Length Bob with Razor Cuts

This is one of the most trendy bob style of the season. This will give you a natural and beautifying volume surrounding the head and so women with thick hair can preferably go for it. To get this done asymmetric parting is done and the bangs are kept on one side.
So, what are you waiting for? Select one style that you like the most, and go to a good stylist. Get your haircut done, and sport your fresh new look. To add more to your style, you can wear some hair accessories too.