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An Overview of Bobby Pins

Pragya T
Bobby pins are inexpensive pins, which can be used to create many hairstyles. Here are some interesting facts about these pins which you didn't know...
Bobby pins are simple hair accessories that can be used in many ways. They generally come in a pack of simple black-colored pins and cost around a dollar. But, if you want to make your bobby pin stand out then you can consider going with pins which are of different designs or of a bright color.
Here are some interesting bobby pin facts and tips on using these pins to create interesting-looking hairstyles.


The bobby pin is a type of hair pin and it is also known in British English by other names like a kirby grip or a hair grip. The term 'bobby pin' was for some decades held by the Bob Lépine Corporation of Buffalo, New York.
This trademark infringement claim made by the Bob Lépine Corporation against Procter & Gamble for the name and their home permanent product was settled in the 1950s by a payment to Bob Lépine by Procter & Gamble and since then the term has been in common usage and no longer a valid trademark.
In British English, the work 'kirby grip' was taken from the trademark Kirbigrip, which was used by a Birmingham manufacturer of these pins, Kirby, Beard & Co. Ltd. Well, this was how the term for the pin came into existence, now let us look at some simple facts on bobby pin.
The popularity of bobby pin grew in 1920s. During this time, the bob hairstyles gained a lot of popularity and bobby pins were used to keep the hairstyle in place. Also, during 1920s pin curls were very popular. Instead of perming their hair, women used to style their hair into pin curls.
To create pin curls hairstyle with these pins, a hair strand is rolled, and then settled near the head with a cross formation of these pins. This way all the hair strands are worked on and the pins are left in the hair overnight. In the morning you will have beautiful pin curls. You can use this method to create bobby pin hairstyles.
A bobby pin is a simple hair pin or hair accessory for women which can be made of plastic or metal. It is a double pronged hair pin which has flexible prongs and is slid into hair to secure it. Bobby pins can be either straight with prongs in it, or can be curved with no wavy teeth. The curved ones tend to hold hair better.

Hairstyle Ideas

Mentioned were the ideas on creating pin curl hairstyles with bobby hair pins which are very in today. You can try these flapper styles for short and long hair too. There are many cute styles that you can create with bobby pins.
You can simply side part your hair and slide the pins to keep your hair in place, or use decorated pins to make the hairstyle look attractive. You can even create bump hairstyles with these pins.
There are various pin-up hairstyles which can be created using these pins. Simply scoop all your hair back and then tie them in a bun and secure the bun properly. You can also use these pins to keep your small hair strands away from your face.
French bun is a popular updo style. You can create a French bun style and use lots of black large bobby pins to keep the bun in place.
So, use simple bobby pins to keep your hairstyle in place, or use ribboned or jeweled pins to create cute hairstyles. You can find a pin pack in any beauty store, you can also shop in beauty stores, or flea market for some decorative bobby pins.