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Voguish and Trendy Bob Haircuts for Women

Geeta Dhavale
Bob haircuts for women are certainly in vogue with various celebrities adorning them with style on the red carpet. Read the following information to know more about these eye-catching and all time classic hairdos.
Be it Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Sarah Harding, Kelly Clarkson, or Jenny McCarthy, they all have gone bobs and some of them are still sporting them. And why not, bob haircuts are easy to maintain, and most importantly, they make you look younger.
The shorter the bob, the younger you look. Bobs come in various lengths from just above the shoulders to above the ears. The best thing about them is that they suit almost any kind of face, be it round, oval, elongated, or even square.
All you have to do is choose the right ones that suit your age and hair type. Women with straight and wavy hair are ideal for such cuts, but women with extremely curly hair can go for short bobs that require less maintenance. Here are some of the bob haircuts for women.

List of Bob Haircuts

Inverted Bob

These are nothing but in turned bob hairstyle. In this style, the hair is turned inside that looks very chick and professional. You can go for short or long inverted bob haircuts.
Inverted Bob look good on younger as well as elderly women. They also look very classy, elegant, and stylish, hence they are a good choice for office as well as parties.
Another advantage is that they go on almost any attire, be it professional trouser and blazer or just a casual jeans and t-shirt. They also look good on short dresses. You can also try them with bangs, which looks just spectacular.

Stacked Bob

This is the one in which the front layers of the hair are longer than the back hair. Remember Victoria Beckham? She usually sports stacked bob haircuts. This haircut also involves different variations.
You can go for symmetrical or asymmetrical short bob cut, as both of them look phenomenal. They suit best to younger women with an oval face. This also looks great with bangs.
You can decide the length of the back hair as per your choice. For more casual look, you can go for moderate or low length, but if you want to stand out in the crowd, then go for short back layers. In this hairstyle, you can experiment with various colorful lowlights that looks very flamboyant.

Layered Bob

If you are bored with usual straight styles, then layered bob hairstyles are the best escape for you. If you have this hair then they would work magic for you as layers can add the glamor as well loads of volume to the hair.
Choppy layers really look good when combined with short bob hairstyles. You can choose from variety that would help you get a unique and a chic look.
You can also try them with bangs that are layered symmetrically or asymmetrically. For a sleek look, it is advisable that you opt for less layers, which are symmetrically cut to the perfection. All you have to do is a basic graduated bob haircut, add some layers to it by cutting or chopping.
Once you get the desired haircut, you can try various hair highlights and lowlights to accentuate the look. After reading so much about bob haircuts you are dying to get one soon. So go ahead and make your own style unique style statement and get the heads turning.