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Blonde Hair With Black Highlights

Pragya T
Black and blonde are not preferably opted as hair color ideas, because it is difficult to blend these two hair colors together. However, with some useful tips and the right shades of hair color, you can look great in blonde hair with black highlights too. Here are some pointers.
Blonde hair is popular and stunning among hair color ideas. The popular highlight colors in blonde hair are brown, brownish-red, and other shades of blonde that stand out on the original base.
However, when going for black highlights in blonde hair, one needs to be careful as black can stand out prominently in blonde hair and might give an undesirable colored hair effect. By selecting the right shade of black and getting the right number of streaks done, you can create an attractive textured hair look.

Some Essential Pointers

☛ They Suit On...

Following skin tones can opt for black hair highlights:
  • Pale complexion with pink undertones or no color
  • Bronze or brown complexion after tanning
  • Olive complexion as seen in Asians and Latinos
  • Medium complexion with golden undertones
  • Medium complexion with light pink color on the cheeks or no color
  • Dark brown complexion.
The eye color can be hazel colored with light flecks that are dark blue, grayish blue, dark brown, or blackish brown. Such people can also opt for shiny black highlights. People who don't fall into the given category should avoid going for shiny black highlights, and instead opt for a dark lowlights shade.
However, if you do wish to go for black highlights, then make sure they are not very black but closer to darker gray and not shiny but of an ash shade.

☛ Hair Cutting Tips

If you have short hair, then go for a deep-layered haircut and flip your hair outwards. You can also accompany some side sweeping bangs with the layered cut. If you wish to look trendy, consider going for a razor cut or layered cut. Razor cut removes the bulk of the hair and gives the hair a soft wispy ends look.
For people with medium or long hair, curly hairstyles can give a stunning look. You can cut your hair in different layers and give a slightly choppy haircut at the ends to look even great. You can accompany this style with side sweeping bangs or blunt Cleopatra style bangs.

☛ Additional Styling with Black Highlights

To blend the black highlights in your blonde hair, you can consider adding 2 - 3 more highlight colors so that you get a nicely blended multi-tonal effect. You can opt for highlights of dark brown and brownish blonde shade.
If you don't wish to go with multiple color highlights, then you can consider some lowlights in blonde hair, which can be 2 - 3 shade darker than your original base blonde hair color. When getting lowlights, make sure you get it done in a good salon.

☛ Hair Care Tips for Colored Hair

For maintaining your highlights longer, try to avoid exposing the colored hair to the sun. For proper hair care, you can also use shampoos and conditioners that are mild or especially made for colored hair. You will also need to visit a stylist every 3 - 4 weeks to maintain your haircut.
So, select the right shade of black highlights for the blonde hair base color and accompany them with a good haircut so that the highlights stand out nicely. And, follow the given tips on hair care to maintain your highlights for longer.