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Blonde and Brown Hair Color Ideas

Sheetal Mandora
If you're looking to alter the way you look, why not give blonde and brown hair color a chance? Read on to find suggestions on how you can mix both these colors, and make it your own.
Mostly, following the latest fashion trends don't leave us with many choices, especially when we're talking about bright blonde hair color. Many people have the misconception that blonde hair looks gorgeous on its own and doesn't really need anything. But a girl can get bored with plain blonde hair without giving it some funk once in a while.
Once you've thought of giving yourself a new look by changing the color and style, your hairstylist will give you many suggestions according to your skin tone, face type and hair texture. Preferably, go to a salon with little bit of research from your side to avoid confusion at the last moment.
We have a few ideas to help you make the right decision for blonde and brown highlights, lowlights or changing the color completely or partially.

Hair Color Ideas to Consider

Styles to Consider

Highlights and Lowlights

If you feel that either of the hair colors can't pull off highlights or lowlights, then you are imagining things. Of course you can. If you've never had the courage to get one before, close your eyes and take the plunge. Definitely, you won't regret it.
Brunettes: A perfect way to add highlights to brown hair is by adding blonde highlights in random places. When the sun hits these highlights, it will give them a lightened look and make your hair look brighter than usual.
Blondes: To make your blonde hair look less brassy and richer, you need lowlights. They add a thin strip of color darker than the original color. You can change your highlights without being too bold or drastic about it and still get a buttery richness.


Another idea could be adding bolder than bold streaks. With brown hair, blonde streaks look "freaky" when they are close to one another. Hence, you would want streaks throughout your hair. For bangs, try a bold swatch of blonde and for blonde hair, opt for dark brown streaks. But instead of going for thin strips, go with slightly thick ones for a fab look.

Under Color Hair

Many of you must be familiar with under-coloring hair. For those who are unknown to the concept, what under color means is keeping the original color of your hair on top and simply adding a contrasting color underneath.
To perfect the under color, simply follow the tips given:
  • Brunettes: Ask your hairstylist to dye only the bottom layer. The blond undertone to your dark brown hair will give more depth.
  • Blondes: Ask your hairstylist to use the blonde dye only the bottom layer. So when you flip your hair or tie a high ponytail, you'll be showing off your under color perfectly.
So, will the blondes have more fun or the brunettes steal the show? It doesn't matter what color your hair is, unless you change the style, color and haircut from time to time, you're soon going to get tired of it. Bring flare and funk in your life with your gorgeous hair. Don't we deserve it?