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Hair Bleaching Tips

Here are some valuable tips to make the task of bleaching your hair easier.
Bidisha Mukherjee
Basically, bleaching is a chemical process which is widely used to lighten up dark manes. In this process, the natural pigment from the hair strand is stripped off by opening up the follicles. In fact, this is an essential step that not only lightens, but also makes the strands porous to better absorb the dye.
When you go for bleaching, the first thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the hair health. Regular deep conditioning for a couple of weeks is highly beneficial in this regard.
Ensure that the color you select is suitable for the original color of your hair, as well as suits your skin tone.
Read the instructions provided on the label of the kit and strictly follow them while mixing the bleach with the hydrogen peroxide. Leave the mixture for a minute so that they combine correctly.
Protect your hands from the chemicals by using gloves, similarly, use old clothing to avoid staining. Then put a towel around your neck to keep from rashes and patches on the skin.
Before you begin, perform a strand test on a small lock and wait for a few minutes. Let this be the tell-tale sign for the amount of time you need to attain the right color.
Starting from the roots, ensure you evenly distribute the mixture onto the mane. Leave it on for a the said time and rinse it off using warm water. Avoid shampooing immediately after the treatment, instead condition it to make it manageable.
For a few days after the treatment, take very good care of your hair. Avoid using styling products and heat tools for a couple of days to limit further damage. Regular deep conditioning will help on the other hand, is beneficial to regain the original sheen and softness.
One of the most important tips is that you should keep a gap of 2-3 days in between two bleaching sessions. This will give the mane some time to repair the damages. Do not hesitate to consult a professional if you are in a fix.