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Things to Know Before Bleaching Black Hair

Stephen Rampur
While bleaching black hair to blonde, brown, red, or any other color, you need to keep in mind some important considerations. Here are some tips that you should consider when going for this chemical treatment.
There are many women with black hair who desire to make their mane blonde. They just want to get rid of their brunette look and experiment with something different. Coloring hair is the best thing that can be done to get a different appearance.
However, if you are a brunette and want to make your hair blonde or any other color, you need to consider some things. You simply cannot get the desired color by applying appropriate dyes or colors directly on your black hair. Doing this will give your hair an orange color, and this surely looks ugly.
If you have a black mane and want to get it colored, you first need to bleach it and then apply the color you want.


If you are thinking of bleaching your black hair, it is always better to get the job done from a professional. If you are well-aware of the procedure thought, you can go ahead with doing the job at home. You first need to buy a good quality bleaching kit from your local beauty store.
The kit contains all the necessary items and materials needed for this procedure. How many times you need to apply the bleach depends on what type of hair you have. If your hair is too dark, you may need to bleach it almost four times. If it has a lighter color tone, a single bleach is just what is required.
Before you bleach your tresses at home, you need to go through the instructions carefully that came with the kit. You also need to wear gloves, which will keep your skin from the inflammation caused due to the bleach. Mix an appropriate amount of peroxide with the powdered bleach to form a paste.
It is better to first try the application on a part of your hair which can be cut or easily hidden. Doing so will give you a rough idea of how much time it would take to get the shade you desire. After you come to know the approximate time of keeping the bleach on, you can apply it to the hair by starting from the tips towards the scalp.
Make sure that the bleached tresses does not come in contact with your skin or eyes. If it does come in contact with the skin, wipe it off immediately using a paper towel. After the estimated time has passed, the color of your hair will turn brown, red, and eventually blonde.
You need to note that the longer you keep the chemicals on your hair, the lighter it will become. So, you need to decide on the time according to the color and the shade you want.
Now, you can rinse the bleach off your hair. Ensure that you do not let any amount of the chemical remain on your hair as it can cause scalp burns and damage to your mane. After getting rid of all the bleach, you should wash your hair with a good moisturizer to get back the natural moisture.
This was just a short explanation of bleaching hair. If you are thinking of bleaching black hair to brown or red, you simply need to apply the appropriate color after the bleaching process.