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Blackheads in Ear

Nicks J
Blackheads in ear are common and not at all troublesome. In most cases, medical treatment is not necessary and home remedies work to resolve the issue.
Blackheads are small skin eruptions that appear black or gray in color. These small bumps that occur inside the ear are considered to be a mild form of acne. Blackheads are harmless and in most cases do not interfere with a person's hearing ability. In some people, large blackheads develop deep inside the ear canal that may require consultation of an ENT specialist.

Ear Acne Causes

As we all know, the sebaceous glands that are located in the inner layer of the skin, secrete sebum (oil), to prevent dryness in the skin. Sebaceous glands, are found in large number on the scalp and the face. The skin consists of millions of tiny pores.
Over the course of time, sebaceous glands may start producing sebum in excess amounts. Too much oil production clogs (choke) the skin pores. Eventually, the accumulated oil solidifies and is exposed to air which makes it black/gray.
Another factor responsible for causing this blackened mass of skin are dead skin cells. The outer layer of the skin, the epidermis, shed off dead skin cells. Now, improper skin care can cause buildup of dead skin cells and block the pores. The blocked pores then eventually turn into blackheads.


Warm Compress: In order to remove these dark, pesky spots, an easy home remedy would be to use a warm compress. Applying a warm compress with a slight pressure for some time (5-10 minutes) is the best way to unclog the pores without damaging the skin.
Mostly, people use a piece of clean cloth dipped in hot water as a warm compress. Before applying it on the affected area, ensure that the cloth is warm and moist but does not contain unnecessary amount of water.
Exfoliating Agent: Exfoliators are chemicals that help to get rid of dead skin cells. One can use an exfoliating agent such as salicylic acid to break away the dead skin and unclog the opening of the pores. Generally a cotton swab is used to apply an exfoliating agent in the ear.
Squeezing: With soft hands, see if it is possible to squeeze the blackhead. However, this procedure is slightly painful and may result into scarring of the skin.
Although blackheads in ear do not cause any skin infection, following an improper way to remove them can actually result in a skin infection. For instance, the use of needles (often advertised as blackhead remover tools) to scrape the blackheads is not advisable as it can damage the skin.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this story is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.