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Blackhead Removal Tools

Sonia Nair
In large numbers, blackheads can be an unpleasant sight. Here is a list of some tools for blackhead removal.
A blackhead is a type of acne caused by accumulation of excess oil produced by the sebaceous glands. This oil blocks the ducts of the sebaceous glands, and contains keratin and sebum (sebaceous oils). These substances get oxidized and turn black, when they get in touch with air.
The black color may also be due to the irregular reflection of light by these clogged hair follicles. Usually, blackheads develop on the back, chest, neck, ears, and the face. However, a majority of people have blackheads on their face, especially around the nose.

Tools for Blackhead Removal

Different types of tools are used for removing blackheads. While selecting a tool, you must choose the one that is effective for removing blackheads, and at the same time it should be gentle enough not to cause damage to the sensitive facial skin.

Metallic Spoon Extractor

It is a long and thin tool that is usually made of stainless steel. The metallic spoon extractor comes in different sizes. This tool has spoon-like tips. The blackhead is pressed with the spoon-like tip of the tool.
The pressure results in extraction of the blackhead from the pore. Sometimes, this tool is fitted with a lancet-like structure on one side, to open the head of the pore, which houses a stubborn blackhead.

Metallic Loop Extractor

This tool is almost like the metallic spoon extractor, but it lacks the spoon-like structure. The metallic loop extractor has small loops on both ends. Place the loop over the blackhead and apply pressure gently. The blackhead will come out of the pore instantly.

Suction Gun

This tool uses the technique of suction for pulling out the blackheads. The tube-like end of this tool is placed over the blackhead, and the slide attached to the tool is drawn upwards. This creates a suction, which extracts the blackhead. This method is not as effective as others. It can give better results, if used after steaming the face for five minutes.

Blackhead Removal Strip

This is considered one of the best blackhead removal tools. These strips contain a glue which helps in extracting blackheads. Wet the skin and stick this strip on the skin. Pull the strip, after ten minutes. The blackheads are lifted out of the skin, along with the strip. However, use of these strips may cause skin rash in people who have sensitive skin.

Blackhead Removing Scrub

Scrubs are good for exfoliation and removal of blackheads. Avoid over scrubbing that may cause problems in people with sensitive skin. Use of excess pressure for scrubbing, may cause the blackhead to move deeper into the skin, and can also lead to infections. If done in the right way, this is also a good method to remove blackheads.
You can use any of these tools for removing blackheads, provided you know the right technique. Remove those blackheads that have their heads popped out of the skin. If the blackheads are not ready for removal, your efforts to extract them may result in skin infections or scars.
It is better to soften the blackheads by steaming, before extraction. Never use excess pressure, while using any of these tools. This rule is applicable, even if you are squeezing the blackhead with your fingertips. All these tools are safe, if you know the right method of usage.