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Blackhead Removal - Get Rid of Blackheads

Kashmira Lad
Are you simply exasperated by the sight of blackheads all over your skin and have tried umpteen methods to get rid of them? Rest assured, this story will help you to get rid of blackheads.
No matter what amount of make up you apply for the sheer 'no-make up' look; it cannot always give you the 'fresh as a daisy' appearance for that much awaited party! Blackheads have ruined the nights and days for many who prefer to hide themselves in the closet, rather than face the world with a blemished skin.
Blackhead removal may be like a nightmare for many. The moment you think you have gotten rid of this ghastly problem forever, you would probably notice it back in a few days time. Don't worry, use the tips mentioned below, and boost your confidence to a new level.

Reason for the Occurrence

These pores can occur on all skin types, and they erupt on the skin when there is an excess of oil in the skin glands. When such a condition occurs, it causes small dark spots on the skin. This is particularly visible in the T-zone of your face (forehead and nose area).
When the pores of the skin tend to be blocked, it causes this oil to harden, and subsequently result in tiny swellings on the face. Due to oxidization, these turn black on the surface. Apart from the face, they also appear on other areas such as back and chest.


  • Always ensure you maintain a thorough skin cleansing routine.
  • Begin by washing your face with water to get rid of all the excess oil and dead skin flakes.
  • Use a gentle scrub that helps to exfoliate the skin.
  • Dab some moisturizer before you hit outdoors. This would prevent the wart-like disturbances from erupting on your skin.
  • Drink plenty of water to maintain clear skin. This will help to keep your system clear.
  • Watch what you eat, as junk food only aggravates such conditions.


Always avoid squeezing or scratching the affected surface. This will not help the process of removal; in fact, it will only aggravate the situation.

Tips for Removal

The removal process can be done in your regular beauty parlor. However, if you are looking for a safe and hygienic process, you can do so at home. You would need to equip yourself with the right tools and creams for the same.
  • Extractor: Before you begin, purchase an appropriate kit from your beauty shop. Heat some amount of water in a large vessel, and steam your face by holding a towel over your head. Ensure the hot steam reaches every inch of your face. This steam helps to open up the pores, and subsequently loosen the dirt clogged in the pores of the skin.
It also helps to ease the removal process. Softened pores can be easy to remove, and this process will cause less pain after the steam. Use a blackhead extractor and extract them immediately. Always sterilize the extractor so that you do not spread any other infection on your delicate skin.
  • Cream: Place a hot washcloth over your face for at least five minutes. Then, use some cleansing cream on your skin, and perform a light massage using your fingertips.
  • Strip: You can use blackhead strips available in the market. These can help to control this infection from spreading to other areas of the skin. These strips contain a certain substance that helps to remove these obstinate black particles when the strip is pulled off from the skin.

For other parts

As mentioned before, these pores can occur even on the back and chest. For this, you will need to go to the salon and have them take care of it, as it might not be possible for you to do it as effectively, at your home. Or if you have someone at home to help you out, follow the same aforementioned tips for the other affected areas as well.
Also, you could ask someone at home to help you apply some effective home-made masks. These masks are natural and will help in aiding the removal of these annoying particles. You can use masks made of egg white, honey and cinnamon, clay, oatmeal and yogurt, fenugreek, etc.
Invest in good quality products for your skin. Do not go in for cheap deals. A good cleanser, toner, and moisturizer should be enough to maintain clear skin.
If you eat right and exercise regularly, you would surely be rewarded with glowing skin. Being happy from within is also required for a lovely, cream complexion. Avoid stress, and always think positive. You can then surely bid goodbye to blackheads forever.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.