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Black Spots on Skin

Mamta Mule
One of the biggest factors that contributes to your skin looking older than you are, are dark spots or black spots. These spots makes your skin tone look uneven. But there are ways by which you can fade this spots and achieve a clearer complexion.
Most of us dream of having a flawless skin. Flawless skin is not just about complexion, but more about spotless appearance. Black spots or dark spots can be one such problem that can take away the flawless feel of your skin!
Well, there are various causes of black spots. Spots that you have since birth or a number of years will required a proper course of medication or cosmetic treatment to fade. Black spots that have appeared recently can be easier to get rid of.

Causes of Black Spots

Black spots can often be solar lentigines that are caused due to excessive exposure to the sun. Also known as age spots, sun spots or liver spots, these usually occur on areas that get maximum sun exposure. Black spots can also be caused due to hyperpigmentation.
Remember, improper shaving techniques can also cause black spots on skin. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation is a very common cause of occurrence of dark skin spots. Hyperpigmentation can be caused due to various other reasons including side effects of certain medications.
Antibiotics like tetracyclines, amiodarone, phenytoin commonly cause such spots on skin. Riehl's melanosis is a skin disorder which can lead to black spots and pigmentation on skin which gradually spreads.
This is a type of contact dermatitis which is caused due to use of perfumes or creams. Other causes include linea fusca, erythromelanosis follicularis or poikiloderma of civatte. Apart from these, other health conditions like liver disease and hemochromatosis can also lead to this skin problem.

Remedies for Black Spots

Remember that consulting a dermatologist is essential, to understand the basic cause of black spots. Only for recent black spots that have formed due to sun exposure can be treated with simple home remedies as mentioned below. In case the spots are fresh and minor your doctor might recommend you to opt for specific home remedies.
In severe cases, they might need a long course of prescription medications to fade off. Sometimes the treatment for erasing the spots might include advanced cosmetic procedures like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser treatment and cosmetic surgery. Simple home remedies as mentioned below can be used for fading off spots caused due to sun exposure.

Shea Butter

Shea butter is a natural substance extracted from shea tree, which helps to hydrate your skin. You can apply raw shea butter over the black spots to get rid of the black spots. This is also present in most of the best skin products used for skin lightening and rejuvenation. You can opt for such a shea butter product and apply it regularly on the black spots.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has natural bleaching properties. Application of lemon juice over the black spots regularly for a few days is known to be very effective. You can also dilute lemon juice by adding water to it. Applying a mixture of 1/2 tsp lemon juice and glycerin over the black spots is quite helpful.
Honey and lemon can together work wonders on your black spots. Mix honey and lemon juice and apply the mixture on the black spots regularly.


Saffron is popular for its skin whitening properties. Make a paste of saffron in rose water and apply it over the black spots to have a clear skin. Or make a paste of two parts saffron and add one part honey, mix it well and apply it over the black skin spots.


Use of turmeric for skin whitening is very popular for many years. You can add milk to turmeric powder to make a paste. You can also use a paste of turmeric and curry leaves to get rid of black spots. You can make a paste by mixing turmeric powder, sandalwood paste and rose water and use it on the affected area.


Application of Vitamin E oil, coconut oil, olive oil, sandalwood oil or almond oil is known to be very beneficial in curing the dark skin spots. Apply one of these regularly, at least twice a day. Massage it well over the affected area.

Scrubs and Packs

Mix sandalwood powder with cucumber juice and tomato juice. Now add a few drops of lemon juice in it. Mix well and apply a thick paste over the affected area. Applying a paste of milk and oatmeal before bath is also a great remedy. Leave the paste for ten minutes and scrub it using a sponge or washcloth.
Exfoliating scrubs are also best picks for reducing black spots. These are especially good ones for curing dark spots on legs or hands formed due to shaving or sun exposure.
If you use these remedies regularly, you will realize that the black spots have reduced or faded. Treatment of black spots through home remedies needs to continued for some days to get noticeable results.
If you do not notice any results after a few weeks, do visit a dermatologist. He/ she will examine the spots and prescribe you the right treatment after knowing the exact cause of this problem.