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Fashionable Black Hair Braid Styles

Kritika Parwani
Braids have been a very popular and trendy hairstyle for African-American men and women. If you want a hairstyle that looks chic and stylish at all times without the hassle of maintaining it, then braiding is the best choice.
Braiding is synonymous with black hairstyles. Earlier African-American men and women used to opt for braids for the sake of convenience as their hair was not easy to maintain.
Today braid hairstyles have become a fashion statement. They are a great choice if you have trouble managing your hair or if you want a stylish, chic look without the hassle of maintaining it. You can enjoy different styles everyday without needing to re-braid your hair each time.
To get that perfect look one needs to know how to braid black hair. It requires a little practice and about six to seven hours of time on an average for any style. However, once you get the hang of it, it can last several weeks or even months depending on the style and maintenance. Also, braiding is a great investment as the maintenance required is minimum.
There are numerous braid styles to choose from depending on your hair length and style. There are many options like micro braids, cornrow braids, goddess braids, zig-zag braids, and box braids are only a few of the ways to create sleek styles that turn heads.

Black Hair Braid Hairstyles

Box Braids

Box braids are individual plaits that are usually divided by small squared off parts or boxes.
They may be of any width or length, but most women add synthetic or natural hair to the braid for length as well as thickness and fullness. One of the best qualities about these braids is that because they are not attached to the scalp, the braids may be manipulated into several different styles, resembling styles worn in long, relaxed hair.
This is a very popular choice for kids. Box braids, if maintained properly, can last for several weeks. These consist of three or four strand braids. One pair has to cross on top of the other. Unlike other styles, box hair braids require two hair stylists for the entire procedure, which may also be a little time-consuming.

Micro Braids

Micro braids are tiny hair braids that need hours for styling. For micro braids to look their best they require at least medium length hair.
Also, remember that this is not the best choice for people with thin or weak hair. It's best to get micro braids done from experts as it is a complex procedure. The choice of tying these braids or letting them loose is yours. The basic and easy hairstyle would be to simply pick all the strands and tie it into a simple knot.
A sleek ponytail that consists of many micro braids is quite a fashion statement. The basic braids can be further woven into each other to create a more complex pattern. If length is the issue, you can even opt for hair extensions. Many hairstylists have portfolios that can give you an idea about the kind of design you require.

Cornrows Hairstyles

Cornrows are braids attached to the scalp and create a small thin braid close to the nape of the neck. They are a versatile style and are ideal for a corporate look. And the best part is that it is very easy to learn how to braid cornrows.
You can braid the ends of the hair in a single braid to create a french braid. Another way of wearing a cornrow braid is to wear large cornrows that extend down to the back of head with zigzag partings.

Invisible Braids

They are so thin that the tiny braids almost appear to be strands rather than braids. They are difficult to see unless a person examines the hair closely. The hair is braided about an inch and left free on the ends. It can take five hours or more to have these braids.
There are other different styles like fishtail braids, rasta braids, french braids, zigzag braids, etc. Popular not only with African-American men and women, hair-braiding styles have become a huge rage and are a fad amongst people who belong to other communities. Hair-braiding styles are easy to manage, and have become an evergreen fashion trend.