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Black Eye Treatment Cream

Medha Godbole
Black eye is basically a bruising around the eye, due to an injury to the face, rather than to the eye itself. This story provides some information about the treatment.
Black eye is a condition wherein there is bruising around the eye, on account of an injury to the face. Contrary to the common belief, it does not apply to an injury directly to the eye. It is called so because of the color of the bruising. The bleeding beneath the skin near or around the eye is what is the reason behind it.
If both eyes develop this problem, it is called raccoon eyes. The manifestation of a black eye is purple, black, and blue discoloration accompanied by swelling. It is not a very serious injury in most cases and can heal itself in about a week or so.

How to Cure It?

Black Eye Cream

This is believed to be great for dealing with this condition. Creams with vitamin E have great healing properties and are useful to treat bags under eyes. Those bags under eyes are formed not just due to general puffy eyes but even while a conventional black eye is healing. The cream is made with the purpose of getting rid of the problem. However, this could be a little expensive.

Cold Compress

This is in fact the first thing that one needs to do as soon as he/she gets a black eye. The cold compress will subside the swelling and pain. Ice bag is a good idea, however, wrap the ice pack or frozen peas in a towel. This will avoid overexposure of cold to the already injured and sensitive portion around the eye.
Apply the ice pack gently on the injured part and preferably avoid pushing down on the wounded area. Apply a pack every 20 minutes for a minimum of 2 days after the injury. Similarly, a heat compress too can bring relief to the frayed skin.

Potato and Cucumber

Peel a potato (better if refrigerated) and cut a round slice, around ½ cm in thickness. Place this slice over the affected eye while one lies down, for around half an hour. Similarly, one can cut a slice of cucumber and place it on the black eye. It will soothe the injured area and will bring down the swelling too. This is considered to work even better for dark circles.
In addition to this, the most easiest and common remedy is to take pain killers and anti-inflammatory medicines. Even amongst these, one should avoid taking aspirin-based pain killers and can take acetaminophen instead. However, it is always better to consult the doctor before opting for any medications. In case of black eyes as a result of dark circles, one can apply eye make up which would help hide the condition.
Following the aforementioned remedies might prove beneficial. However, if the condition still persists or worsens, one should consult the concerned doctor.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.