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Black Braided Hairstyles and Hair Weave Styles

Kashmira Lad
Black braided hairstyles and hair weave styles have got a worldwide acceptance from all over. These are considered to be trendy and super cool, which is probably why; these are being flaunted at every happening joint.
Black hair looks sizzling and ravishing when styled properly. Whether long or short, it can be dressed up with twists and turns or structured in layers for curls. Straight, curly, or coarse hair can cause many heads to turn even, if it is tied into a simple ponytail and adorned with a rhinestone pin. Hair braids are very suitable for long black hair, and can be worn by schoolgirls to even the teenagers who are out for a rocking night at the disc.
Black hair braids and black hair weave styles are especially popular in areas that have a warmer climate, as these are used to keep the wearer cool during the warm summers. Women with natural black hair have spent time and money to style their locks in the best possible way.
These hairstyles and weave styles not only help the wearer make a cool fashion statement but are also low on maintenance. The only hitch that may occur while braiding is the time factor. These generally take a few minutes or even hours, which largely depends on the complexity of the hair braids.
When you want to go in for hair braids, ensure you have thoroughly washed and cleaned your hair. This is primarily done to get a smooth surface before braiding your hair. The braiding is done once the hair is divided into three sections.
Normal Braiding
This process is continued till the preferred length of the hair. When you are dividing the hair into three sections, also make a mental note to ensure that the hairdresser maintains an equal amount to tightness for the three sections.
The braids can also be dressed up into chignons, buns, twists, or can be simply let loose. Black braided hairstyles and hair weave styles can also look fabulous with the addition of trinkets, flowers, beads, pearls, colorful bands, or even multicolored string.
Braided Hairstyles
You can even experiment with more than 3 sections of your hair. This can be done after a consultation with your hairstylist.
Micro hair braids involves weaving your hair into thin braids. These thin strands of hair need special attention and care. Most women choose to opt for micro hair braids as it is very easy to maintain and also helps in the faster re-growth of hair.
Micro Braiding
Micro black hair braiding is done with the help of attaching fibers or even hair weaving. It is the modern trend among braiding hairstyles. But remember that very tight micro braids can cause excess breakage of hair.
This style is predominant among the African-American women and has now found a universal acceptance worldwide. Micro braiding your hair is also one of the modern trends in hair braiding styles. To micro braid your hair; you may need to check the strength of the hair.
If your hair is on the weaker side and tends to break easily, then this style is definitely not recommended for you. Before you rush off to the hair salon for trying out these hairstyles and hair weave styles, you need to oil your hair overnight and then wash, condition and moisturize your hair the next day.
If you check out with your closest beauty salon, you are bound to uncover over 1000 eye-catching and gorgeous micro black hair braid and weave styles that will send your mind in a tizzy. Ensure you get a professional to help you with micro braids so that it can be as painless as possible.
One of the safest forms and the most popular form of micro hair braiding is the cornrow. Cornrows are very beautiful, sported by celebs all over the world, and popular with men as well as women. The length required for a trendy cornrow would be around 5 cm.
You can wrap your head in a scarf before going to bed at night or use a silk pillowcase. Long black hair tends to get frizzy when styled into a cornrow, therefore use a shower massager that is set to a light mode.
These hairstyles can be enhanced with the help of hair extensions or hair weaving. Hair weaving is the method of adding hair to the scalp with the help of human hair or even synthetic hair. The process involves weaving the hair as close to the root of the hair.
Hair extensions are used to give your hair added volume and length. Available in many colors and textures, these are attached to the hair in various ways. You can weave, sew, glue or even braid the synthetic hair with your natural black hair.
These hairstyles also incorporate this method and this process is mainly followed by leading celebrities who need to carry off different looks in a short span of time.

For these styles, the natural hair is braided along the scalp. This is done in a horizontal line. The hair extensions are sewed onto to the braids with the help of a heavy weaving thread.
The hairstylist has to comb the natural hair into the extensions for both to blend. This form of weave style needs to be planned in advance to determine the amount of the hair to be weaved. Hair weaving needs to be done with utmost care and an important tip would be to apply oil around the braids to prevent the breakage of hair.
When you are exploring the black braided hairstyles and black hair weave styles, always ensure you go to a professional to achieve the best results.