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Best Skin Care Practices of 2019

Craig Middleton
To have young and clear skin, you ought to have a daily skincare routine. Here are some of the best skincare practices from 2019, which will still be prevalent for many years to come!

Protection From the Sun

It is one of the most critical ways of skin protection. When you regularly expose your skin to the sun, you will have aging spots, wrinkles, increase your risk of getting cancer, among other problems that are associated with the skin. You can employ sunscreen when you are exposed to the sun to protect your skin.
You should employ a broad-spectrum sunscreen that has a minimum of 15 SPF. Ensure that you generously apply sunscreen. Similarly, reapply it after every two hours. Besides, if you are sweating or swimming, you can use it more often.

Cleaning the Skin

Before going to bed or after waking up, ensure that your skin gets washed. The cleaning will help remove dead skin cells, sweat, dirt, makeup, and grease. These elements can block your pores when not cleaned well and cause many complex skin problems. When you are cleaning your skin, use products that are proven and have quality, such as Gundry MD skincare.


It is a vital process that you must practice when you want your skin to glow. When you are growing older, your dead skin cells do not get replaced by the new ones. The dead skin cells may lead to skin problems since they will be lingering on your skin.
Employ a high-quality exfoliant to help you get rid the dead skin cells by profoundly cleaning your skin. When exfoliating, do not use the rough exfoliants instead employ the soft ones to avoid damaging your skin.

Regularly Moisturize

As you age, your skin becomes drier. When your skin dries, it might become unpleasant by cracking or flaking. To prevent this, ensure that you regularly moisturize your skin. Additionally, ensure that you use quality products to avoid damaging your skin.

Avoid smoking

When you smoke, your skin will look older and wrinkled. It narrows your capillaries in the dermis and thus decreasing the blood flow in your skin. Therefore, your skin will look paler. Additionally, your skin will be deficient in vital nutrients and oxygen, which are essential for the health of your skin.
Furthermore, you will be damaging your elastin and collagen. These are the fibers that are responsible for the elasticity and strength of your skin. Similarly, you can get wrinkles as a result of the repetitive and continuous facial expressions made while smoking. Concurrently, you will be increasing your chances of contracting skin cancer.

Gentleness in Skin Treatment

When you are exfoliating or cleansing your skin daily, make it gentle. Ensure that you minimize your bath time as the long showers and hot water will continually remove the skin oils. When bathing, use warm water rather than hot water. Use mild cleansers over strong soaps as strong soaps strip fat from the skin.
Similarly, employ gel, lotion, or shaving cream when shaving and do not shave against the direction in which your hair grows. After you have washed or bathed, use a dry towel to gently blot or pat the skin to maintain the moisture in your skin. Ensure that you moisturize your skin after bathing or washing.

Expect Results!

When you carry out these practices, your skin will glow and retain its youthfulness.