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Best Low Maintenance Hairstyles

Mrunal Belvalkar
Hairstyles come in many lengths, cuts and shapes. But with a complicated hairstyle comes a lot of maintenance! Here are some trendy hairstyles which needs very less maintenance...
"I'd luv to kiss ya, but I just washed my hair."
- Bette Davis
Sigh. Such is the obsession women have for their hair, that a lover would have to wait till he was bestowed upon with a kiss! (And I have no hesitation in admitting I am one of them too...!) A woman's hair is her most natural and beautiful ornament, I believe.
The way she keeps it can change her look completely - from a plain Jane, to a pretty girl, to a tom-boyish girl, to one you want to get down and dirty with! Hairstyles can completely alter how you look, and also how people look at you.
But sometimes getting a good haircut means dedicating a lot of time everyday towards maintaining it as well. Combing, drying, setting, use this hair gel, that hair spray, leave it in, massage on scalp, blah blah blah. Shush! Who has the time to do all that everyday?
So what is the solution to this? Wear your hair in the most unflattering way possible? Ummm... not really. You could opt for some low maintenance hairstyles that look equally cute and are least of all a hassle to do everyday. Find out as you read on.
To help you envision the perfect depiction of the hairstyle, I have mentioned names of different actresses under each hairstyle and the movie in which they maintained the particular hairstyle being discussed. Hope that helps you!

The Bob

Think - Catherine Zeta Jones (as Velma Kelly) in 'Chicago'

The classic bob tops my list as a low maintenance hair style.
The reason for it to top the list is because it is a hairstyle that looks über-cute and one that will never ever go out of fashion!
Girls and women with small round faces can, on the other hand, opt for a middle-parted bob to make their face look less chubby. To maintain a bob, all you need to do is part your hair according to the parting style of your bob, and brush through them. Bobs look the best on plain/straight hair.

The Fringe

Think - Angelina Jolie (as Evelyn Salt) in 'Salt'
The fringe is next on my list of low on maintenance hairstyles because of its versatility. A fringe can be very well combined with long hair, short hair, plain hair, wavy hair, a bob, a pony-tail, an up-do... you name it! A fringe also has something of a 'girly' look and feel to it, making you look a lot younger!
A fringe will help you conceal your forehead, if you have freckles and don't like them or if you have a slightly bigger forehead than the usual. The typical fringe does not need maintenance at all, except maintaining the length (remember to trim if it grows too long!).
If you have wavy hair, getting your crown straightened and cut into a fringe can dramatically change your look! Try it!

The Layer Cut

Think - Jennifer Aniston (as Rachel) in 'Friends'

I can bet half of America was sporting this haircut after the episode of the popular sitcom Friends featuring Jennifer Aniston sporting the haircut was telecast. No haircut could have ever gotten more popular as this one.
The straight layers that Jennifer Aniston was seen sporting in some of the later seasons of Friends need absolutely no maintenance and look fab on thin hair too. They look chic, sleek and super-sexy! You may have to blow dry your hair for the perfect 'poker-straight' layers.
But that is hardly a hassle. The layer cut makes it to my list because it is one of the most famous hairstyles; it is also an evergreen hairstyle... one that women are going to love till the end of the world!
Also because I think it looks absolutely fab. I mean Jennifer actually even wore it to an award function! It is simple and glamorous both together. It can't get any better than this.

The Short Crop

Think - Halle Berry (as Giacinta 'Jinx' Johnson) in 'Die Another Day'

Who said long hair equals femininity? A short crop can look equally feminine and sexy too! Short crops are the rage nowadays.
Yes long hair do and will continue to attract men, but what kind of a man will deny having been turned on as he watched Halle Berry walk out of the waters in Die Another Day?
She wore the same hair style to the Academy Awards this year too, and that too on a beautiful Marchesa nude gown. It just goes is support of what I said - short crops can look feminine too. By far, they are the easiest ones to maintain.

The Scrunch

Think - Salma Hayek (as Carolina) in 'Desperado'

Oh how beautiful the Mexican girl looked in the movie!
The scrunch works lovely for wavy hair and is low maintenance because you have to in fact scrunch your hair to get the look. The hairstyle makes it to my list because it is one of those hairstyles you can sport even on a bad hair day.
To get the perfect scrunch, simply hold your hair in your hands and scrunch them. No hair clips, no hair pins, no rollers, nothing required. You can use some hair wax or a soft hair gel if you are going to be more outdoors than indoors - that way the scrunch won't straighten out in the wind, or as you run your fingers through your hair.
A side parting on a scrunch looks beautiful and quite alluring too. It is the surest way to look good when your hair and being unruly and refuse to set.
I would like to add here one important thing. The only thing about your hair that is low maintenance is the hairstyle, and not your actual hair. Make sure you take good care of your hair and keep them soft, shining, healthy and strong. Bad hair can make even a good hairstyle look flop.
There is no shortcut when it comes to maintaining your hair as such, so do not be lazy when it comes to that. Another tip would be - take a picture of the haircut you have in mind along with you when you visit your stylist; that way he/she will have the perfect idea of what you want.
If you are trying something new, try to sketch it and then take it to him/her. Finally, do not trust a new hairstylist with a totally new haircut - if things go wrong, they will go wrong by leaps and bounds! That's all... cheers!