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Features to Look for While Buying a Hair Dryer

Kalpana Kumari
Here are some of the common features to look for while buying a hair dryer. It also tells you about some features, which are specific to particular hair types.
A hair dryer is a necessity for the daily grooming, as it helps one get the desired style of hair. If you have the skill, you can straighten or curl up your hair with this instrument. Though your skill carries a lot of importance in styling of your hair, using the right hair dryer is equally important.
There are numerous brands of hair accessories in the market, and you can visit websites that offer reviews on them. Recommending a single brand will never be wise, as a single product cannot match everyone's expectations
Therefore, to get the best hair dryer for yourself, you need to do some research about it on your own. You should know what your requirements are and what type of dryer will meet your needs. This information will tell you about some of the basic features a hair dryer should have to suit a particular type of hair.

Features of a Hair Dryer

Which type of hair dryer will suit a particular hair type differs from person to person. This is because, everyone's needs are different and unique.Keeping this in mind, you can find a dryer for yourself that will suit your hair the best.


Hair dryers are available with and without a nozzle. The one with nozzle directs the flow of air in one direction and without nozzle disperses the flow of air instead of converging it in a direction.


A hair dryer for must have minimum two settings. Cold or cool setting will suit fine, thin, damaged, or fragile hair, while heat setting will suit thick hair.


The hair dryers available in the market generally range from 600 watts to 2,000 watts. To decide which one to go for, you need to know which one will better suit your hair type. If your hair is fine, thin, or damaged, you need to use a hair dryer with power between 1,200 and 1,500 watts of air speed.
This is also suitable for if you have fragile and/or curly hair. In case your hair is medium straight and is neither fine or damaged, you can go literally for any range of power. Lastly, if your hair is thick and wavy, and takes time to dry, then you need to have a 1,875 watts power dryer will suit you.

Speed of Air Flow

You need to go for a low speed hair dryer if your hair is soft, fine, or damaged. You can use a high speed dryer if your hair is thick, coarse, and takes long to dry.
A point worth mentioning here is that if a hair dryer is equipped with a flat or round brush to form a particular style with hair, you should go for a low speed one. This is because, the higher the air flow, the faster is the speed of drying. As a result, the drying process involves higher risk of over blowing of the hair.


A hair dryer with a diffuser makes use of the diffused air flow to help the hair strands acquire a natural shape.
There are additional attachments that come in either short or long finger designs. A long finger diffuser is the one which appears to be elongated for lifting and separating hair strands.

Ionic Technology for Frizz Free Hair

You may find hair dryers equipped with double-port ionic features. They emit negative ions to neutralize positive ions. Because of this, the hair becomes shiny and healthy. Though these hair dryers generate frizz-free, static free, soft, and shiny strands, they may cause flattening of the hair.
You should visit some websites, which can give you information on hair dryer ratings. Search well and get one for yourself which not only suits all your needs, but also fits in your budget well.