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Best Hair Color for Pale Skin

Pragya T
Are you thinking what is the best hair color for pale skin? Here are some pointers that will help you make the selection.
Today, everybody likes to color their hair. There are various ways to go about this; you can get it completely dyed, or get some highlights or lowlights to make your hair look more textured. Or, you can simply mix two or three ideas to get a beautiful, multi-tonal effect.
Whenever trying out any new idea, it is important to see that the hair color matches your skin and eye color. Here are tips on choosing the suitable hair color for pale skin.

Color Compatibility

When it comes to choosing the right hair color, the first thing you need to consider is to see if your skin tone is cool or warm. After this is done, it is seen if your eye color is cool or warm. For example, the best hair color for pale skin and blue/hazel eyes is considered. Here are undertones which define if the person has a cool or warm skin.

Cool Category

For a pale complexion with pink undertones or no color on cheeks opt for cool hair dyes and highlights.
People with cool eyes can have blackish or dark brown, grayish blue, dark blue color hair with light flecks.
For a pale skin with such undertones and any of these eye colors then go with the cool shades of hair color.

Warm Category

People who have a pale complexion with golden or peach undertones are said to have a warm skin tone. Also, if your eyes are hazel with golden or brown flecks, greenish blue, green, or golden brown, then these are said to be warm colors. A person who has such undertones with pale complexion and any of these eye colors should opt for warm hair colors.

Hair Coloring Ideas

If you belong to the cool category and want to dye your hair, then hair colors like shiny raven black look stunning.
Other color could be blond shades, like icy white or mink. The highlights of wheat, honey, and ash color also look great. You can even go with shades of burgundy or purple.
If you have a warm skin tone, then the best hair colors for you are warm and dark brown shades
Golden brown can also look flattering, while chestnut shades complement the skin really well.
You can also consider a base color of shiny blonde or reddish orange too. The best highlights for warm skin tone are golden-brown, golden, or copper.
So, figure out which category you belong to and pick the best hair color for your pale complexion. You can either get your hair dyed to totally change the way you look, or get lots of skinny highlights to get a nice textured look for the fall season.
If you want to add up to the fall look, consider getting some lowlights too. These should always be two to three shades darker than your base hair color. Go to a professional to get the best results.
With your colored hair, use makeup for to add up to your look. Take good care of the colored hair, avoid exposing it too much to the sun, and use mild hair care products to retain the color longer.