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How to Use a Foundation Brush

Aastha Dogra
Here is some useful information for all make-up aficionados on how to use a foundation brush. Also here are tips to choose the right brush and maintain these beauty tools.
When it comes to giving the skin an even tone, nothing can beat the good old foundation. It has been used for decades by women and make-up artistes to give the skin a glow. There are generally three ways of application, viz. by hand, sponges, and brushes.
Out of these, application is easiest through the hand. Although, when it comes to neatness and full skin coverage, none of the other methods even comes close to a brush. Here are some tips for making the best use of a foundation brush, and suggestions on how to care for them.

Tips on Application

For a beginner, it might be slightly difficult to use a brush. However, with practice, this art can be mastered easily
  • Start liquid foundation makeup with pouring a small amount of it in your hand. Pick some of the liquid from your hand with one side of the brush, if you want light coverage. Dip in both the sides, if you want fuller coverage.
  • Next, using broad, downward strokes, blend the makeup onto the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Do not forget to apply it on the neck area, otherwise the contrast between the face and the neck will stand out, giving your skin an uneven look.
  • In the end, use the small hair on the edges to apply it in the areas which are generally overlooked such as creases of the nose, around the mouth, and hairline.

Maintenance Tips

It is very important to keep your makeup brush clean so that bacteria does not build up on it.
  • If you are planning on buying a high-end one, most of them come with a conditioning shampoo, which is meant for cleaning purposes.
  • They can be easily cleaned with a baby shampoo too.
  • The best way to clean makeup brushes is to dip them in olive oil and then put them under running water. After that, they should be dipped in the shampoo, rubbed gently and then rinsed in cold water.
Following this method once a week will ensure that there is very less shedding of hair and that the brush lasts for a very long time.
The main advantage of using the brushes vis-a-vis sponges is that they work equally well with dry, liquid, and cream cosmetics, providing full skin coverage. Any problem areas on the skin such as spots or creases of the noses, which have become slightly dark, can be easily covered by applying this makeup through brushes on the skin.
Their biggest advantage is that if they are taken care of properly, they last for years. So if you desire flawless facial skin, invest in a good quality brush.

Tips on Buying a Foundation Brush

  • According to the reviews, brushes which come with both long and short hair are better equipped to fill-in cosmetics into the skin. They can almost give you an air-brushed look.
  • If you go to any departmental store or shop which keeps beauty products, you will find kabuki brushes. They have a short stem and their head is flat. These are the favorite choice of make-up artistes for applying powder based foundation. Due to their small size and flat shape, they are very apt at applying concentrated amounts in a prominent blunt curve.
  • Brushes which come in the shape of a cat's tongue, i.e., flat brushes with round tips are best for powder foundation. For application, you will have to blend outwards from your nose to the ears.
  • For liquid foundation, stippling brushes are your best bet. They come with sparse hair and are hence excellent for buffing in a circular motion. They blend the liquid in the skin very well and unlike other cheaper quality brushes, do not give out the appearance of streaks on the skin.