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Choosing the Best Flat Iron for Thick Hair

Mamta Mule
Using a flat iron becomes necessary for those who have curly and unmanageable hair. Here are some tips on choosing one for your voluminous tresses.
Curly and frizzy hair are really difficult to style. You might have to cut them off so that maintaining them is easy. Getting your hair chemically straightened or permed is definitely a good option. But many people are looking at the flat irons as a more cheaper solution.
These offer you a new style that can be washed off easily, the chemical procedures give a long-lasting change. So, those who love to look different everyday, can opt for a flat iron. These can also be used on naturally straight hair to get that extra straight and smooth look.
Understanding the types and option available in this hair styling tool will help you to find what is best for your hair. Remember that each model is designed differently and is suitable for specific hair texture and types of styling.

Opt for Quality Models

Do not go for the low-quality, cheaper models. Remember that cheaper irons will offer you lesser features and might cause damage to your locks. More the price, more the features, and safer will it be for your hair.
Look for one that offers features such as temperature settings, ceramic surface, even distribution of heat, and easy styling features. Temperature setting feature is essential as thin hair needs less temperature and thicker hair requires to be straightened with higher temperature.
Usually, the temperature needs to range from 380 to 410 degrees to straighten thick hair. Remember to apply a heat protecting serum before ironing out your hair. This prevents hair from getting damaged and breaking.

Types to Check Out

Good quality irons are usually lightweight and easy to use even for thickest hair. These are available in three basic types, ceramic, ionic, and tourmaline.
Ceramic iron is known to be very safe for your hair and works best by distributing heat evenly. Ionic irons are best for frizzy hair as these reduce frizz and restore moisture of your hair. Last type of iron is tourmaline which is best for that shiny look and super-straight hairstyles. But this one heats up fast and hence, needs to be used carefully. Ceramic or tourmaline iron works best for thick hair.

Right Size for Thick Locks

These come in various widths. It would be best to go for the one having about 2-inches of width. Also, pick the one having enough length that makes styling easier. A long cord will help you work comfortably.
Also, make sure that the edges of plate are plain and soft and not such that your hair gets caught in them each time you clamp a section, thus, leading to unnecessary hair breakage.