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How to Choose a Flat Iron for Fine Hair

Sheetal Mandora
Thin, fine hair are delicate, and require extra care and maintenance while styling with a flat iron. Let's find out how to choose the right one, and protect it from any damage.

Factors to Cosider

As there are wide variety of flat irons available, choosing the right straightener for your hair can be a tough task. Which is why, before selecting the flat iron, you should go through the following guidelines.
First check the flat iron's heating system. Is it Integrated Ceramic Heating System (ICHS) or PTFC (far-infrared heat)? ICHS is a better choice because the heat comes from the 2nd and 3rd ceramic plates of the 6 different ceramic plates layers. It works well on damp hair and heats up quickly.
The temperature of the flat iron plays an important role when it comes to choosing the right iron. Every time you use the iron over your hair, it will lose about 80ºF of heat.
So if the flat iron has low wattage, then the reheating capacity will be low. Hence stick with flat irons that have a heating element between 40―60 watts.
What are the plates made of? Basically, tourmaline irons save your hair from heat damage. They are powerful, can be used on wet and dry hair, shine and style your hair, and keep your hair silky smooth.
See if the flat iron has adjustable heat controls. With this feature, you can easily reduce or increase the heat control settings to get the perfect, straight hair. Plus, you won't have to worry about damaging your hair with excess heat which you don't require.
The flat iron size also makes a huge difference. We all have different hair textures and types. When finding the correct flat iron, your decision should depend on the type of hairstyles you'd like to do and how long your hair is.
Now I know that you must be wondering why I haven't included the price factor for basing the decision to purchase a flat iron. The point is, there are other, more important factors than just the price.
You can pay as little or as much as you want but if you are stuck with an okay flat iron, then it won't do you any good. Plus, protecting your hair from any damages and giving it a healthy, smooth look is more important. Am I right?
Whenever you look for a flat iron (regardless of the type of hair), it is very essential that you read the reviews for complete information of that product. You really don't want to rush into it and buy the wrong flat iron for your hair type.