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Best Brushes for Hair Straightening

Rimlee Bhuyan
There are many ways of straightening hair and one of them is by using a blow dryer and a good brush. You need to choose your tools i.e. a blow dryer and a hair brush carefully to achieve the best results. To know which are the best brushes for straightening hair, read on...
No woman is ever happy with the texture or quality of hair. Women with curly or wavy hair aspire for poker straight hair and woman with straight hair wants some soft curls to give their hair more bounce and body. However, of late, natural straight hair is what most women desire instead of the chemically treated poker straight hair.
Straight hair that is shiny, silky and natural looking is more appealing than the poker straight hair look that, to tell you the truth, looks a bit fake and unnatural.
Another option to get straight hair would be to flat iron it with a hair straightener but it gives hair a very flat and unnatural look. With makeup and clothes all focusing on the natural look, could hairstyles be left far behind.
For the best hair straightening results, ditch any chemical treatments and flat irons and go for a good blow dry instead.
If you want to blow dry your hair straight then you can go to a good hair salon. But doing this twice or thrice a week will make a dent in your budget. So the best thing to do would be to learn how to blow dry hair at home. Many women think that it is a very hard task, requiring a lot of effort and time.
But with the right equipment, blow drying your hair to salon-like perfection is not difficult. A good quality blow dryer and the right hair brushes are the key to getting the job done. So, if you desire to have natural straight hair, you need to be knowledgeable about the best brushes for straightening hair.

Best Hair Brushes for Straightening Hair

If you don't want to chemically straighten your hair or go for tedious flat ironing, then blow drying your hair straight is your best option. Blow dried hair looks shiny and straight and the best thing about it is that people would believe that it is your natural hair texture.
But for this to happen, you need to know the proper technique of blow drying and have the right brushes for hair straightening. There are many different types of hair brushes, but only a few are ideal for straightening hair.

Paddle Brush

A cult among hair stylist, a paddle brush is a must have if you want to create beautiful straight locks. A paddle brush is a flat, wide brush that comes with a long handle.
Most paddle brushes are oval shaped with a thick and long handle that allows you to grip it without slipping. Nylon bristles are what most paddle brushes are made of, but the best ones are those that comes with boar bristles.
Paddle brushes comes in a wide variety of sizes that are designed for different hair thickness and hair lengths. A paddle brush is ideal for straightening hair when used in conjunction with a good blow dryer as it smoothens and flattens the cuticles of hair. It also prevents any frizz and gives you smooth and straight hair.

Round Brush

A round brush is a very versatile brush that is used for creating curls as well as straightening and smoothing hair. A round brush is one of the best brushes for straightening hair and it consists of a barrel shaped core which is encircled by small bristles.
Round brushes comes in small, medium and large size and these are used for styling different hair lengths. For straightening hair, a medium-sized round brush is placed underneath a small section of hair and the nozzle of the blow dryer is directed at this hair section.
This creates beautiful straight hair that is silky, smooth and super shiny. Round brushes also comes with a thermal core that helps in drying hair faster with minimum damage to the hair.

Cushion Brush

If you have thin and fine hair and would like to straighten your hair without it looking flat and lifeless, then a cushion brush is what you need. A cushion brush is similar to a paddle brush but it has a curved end instead of being completely flat.
The bristles, a mix of boar and nylon are embedded on a soft cushion base on one side. A cushion brush is very easy to use and you can create straight locks by using it with a blow dryer. It lifts each hair strand and creates volume, which gives hair a more bouncy and chic look.
If you want to straighten your hair but also want volume and fullness, then you should definitely opt for a cushion brush.
These were some of the best brushes for hair straightening. Whatever hair texture you might have, with the right tools you can get straight and smooth locks that are shiny and super sleek.