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Benefits of Sunflower Oil for Skin

Mukulika Mukherjee
Did you know that the humble sunflower oil can work wonders for your skin? If not, then this article is a must read, as it tells you how your skin can benefit from the use of sunflower oil.

Did You Know?

Just like your skin, sunflower oil is also good for your hair. It nourishes your hair, giving you soft and shiny locks.
The sunflower plant (Helianthus annuus) bears bright yellow flowers that always face the sun, hence the name. However, the plant is cultivated not only for its beautiful flowers, but also for its oil that has a host of health benefits.
Sunflower oil prevents diseases, such as asthma and arthritis, lowers blood cholesterol levels, keeps the heart healthy, triggers cell renewal process, and even prevents certain forms of cancer.
In addition to the many health benefits, sunflower oil is also beneficial for your skin in more ways than one. Curious to know how? Well, that's exactly what this article is all about. Have a look!

How Sunflower Oil Benefits Your Skin

Sunflower oil is a "magic oil" when it comes to skin care, as it makes your skin soft and supple, and prevents signs of aging. So, let us know more about its effects on your skin.

1. Acts as an Effective Emollient

Sunflower oil is an effective emollient, which means that it helps the skin retain moisture. Thus, people with dry skin can benefit immensely from the regular use of the oil. Also, it is mild, soothing, and provides relief from irritation and inflammation of the skin.

2. Eliminates Acne

Acne is caused when excess oil and sebum, that gets blocked in the follicles under the skin, gets infected by bacteria. The vitamins A, C, D, and E, along with the essential fatty acids that are present in sunflower oil form a protective layer, which prevents bacteria from coming in contact with the skin. Hence, sunflower oil acts as an effective remedy against acne, and should be applied on the skin directly.

3. Offers Sun Protection

Sunflower oil is a richer source of vitamin E than almond oil and shea butter. The high content of the vitamin prevents the sensitive cells of the skin from being damaged by the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the Sun. Also, the beta-carotene present in sunflower oil helps neutralize free radicals that are responsible for causing damage to the skin, including sunburns and skin cancer.

4. Prevents Premature Aging

Vitamin E present in sunflower oil not only protects the skin from sun damage, but also from premature aging. What's more, regular use of sunflower oil can diminish wrinkles and make one look younger. Also, sunflower oil is rich in antioxidants that keep the skin fresh and looking younger.

5. Prevents Skin Infections

Sunflower oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids that protect the skin from bacterial infections. Hence, it gives you a healthy and glowing skin.

6. In Addition

There are other ways in which sunflower oil can prove to be a boon for your skin. These are given as under.
  • Helps diminish dark spots and pimple marks
  • Helps lighten dark circles
  • Helps soften rough and dry skin
  • Can be used to remove makeup
  • Helps relax tired eyes

How to Use Sunflower Oil on Skin

To begin with, you can use either a cleanser or moisturizer that contains sunflower oil as the main ingredient. When you want to use the oil as a cleanser, try combining it with castor oil to help remove dead cells and keep your skin supple. Never use the oil directly on dry skin. Always use it on moist/damp skin so that the oil gets soaked deep beneath the skin.
So, you see, sunflower oil is, indeed, essential, if you seek youthful skin, and who doesn't? Go ahead and make it a part of your skin care regimen, and your skin will thank you for it!