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Benefits of Dead Sea Products

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
There are several cosmetics and skin care products based on the salt and minerals of the Dead Sea. Some of these beauty products include Dead Sea baths, soaps, mud, moisturizer and lotion. This story provides some information about them and their benefits.
Despite the name, the Dead Sea is a low elevation, hypersaline lake surrounded by Israel, Jordan, and West Bank. Further, it is also known as Salt Sea. It measures about 67 kilometers in length, 18 kilometers in width, and 378 meters in depth. The Jordan river is the major water supply source of the Salt Sea, while there is no outflowing of water. Hence, repeated evaporation is one of the major reasons for hypersaline water.
The salinity is 33.7 percent, which is eight times more than that of the oceans. At a higher depth (300 feet), the salt is saturated and gets deposited at the bottom of the lake. Due to its high salt concentration, macroscopic organisms like fish and higher plants cannot sustain in the same. Moreover, the only organisms that survive in this hypersaline lake are minute bacteria, fungi, and other microbes.


Salt Sea can be used in the industrial applications for the extraction of valuable minerals like potash, bromine, magnesium, caustic soda, and common salt. Furthermore, it is of great importance for many health researchers. Some of the factors that make it medically important are low allergens, high mineral content, high atmospheric pressure, and reduced harsh sunrays (situated below mean sea level). The salt and mineral extracted from here are used extensively in cosmetics and other skin care products.

Skin Care and Cosmetics

Many people visit it to take a bath and/or collect the mineral-rich dead sea mud. The healthy minerals promote early healing of the skin tissues and skin allergies such as psoriasis, rashes, and eczema. Overall, the mineral salts help to reduce skin aging and also help in improving its texture and appearance. There are several cosmetics and beauty products prepared from the healthy minerals of this Salt Sea.

Dead Sea Salt Baths

Since its water is rich in salt and minerals, many of the medical researchers are of the opinion that soaking in the same would help in treating various skin disorders. Studies reveal that the Dead Sea salt contains 21 minerals, many of which are helpful in improving the skin health. Taking this into consideration, the Dead Sea salt baths are available in the market so that people can get the benefits of the same. They are found in various scents, colors, and sizes.

Dead Sea Mud

The dark-colored mud is extracted from the bottom of the Salt Sea for applying in the skin. It is used as a skin cleanser and toner. Any impurities present in the mud are removed prior to the packaging. The processed mud contains only clay, absorbed minerals, and salt which are healthy for the skin.
Dead sea mud is applied to the skin directly, which is then washed after drying. Doing so helps in removing the toxins, debris, and dead skin cells. It also tightens the skin, thus reducing wrinkles and skin aging. Applying the same on the scalp strengthens the hair roots and reduces hair falls. It can also be used for the treatment of dandruff and oily hair.

Other Products

In addition to these salt baths and mud, other beauty products that are grounded on the rejuvenating benefits are soap, mud mask, moisturizer, lotion, body scrubber, hand cream, face cleanser, fairness cream, shower gel, body peeling lotion, foot cream, shaving cream, and shampoo. Some of the skin care products are mixed with essential oils and other herbal extracts to increase the positive impacts on skin.